jeudi 25 février 2016

Rio Test Event : the draws are known

The Olympic Test Event is in less than two months. We now know the draws and how the competition will go.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
First of all, remember that this competition is crucial, for the boys but also for the girls, as it will allow a male gymnast to earn a spot at the Olympic Games and it will be the last chance for the female gymnasts to qualify a full team, which would be a first for our country.

Let's start with the boys. At last year's World Championships, the men's team placed 17th, meaning they wouldn't be allowed to send a full team at the Test Event or the Olympic Games. In April, two Belgian gymnasts will be sent and will try to earn a spot for Belgium at the Games. 

We don't know the names of these gynasts yet, it is too early, but we know when and with whom they will compete at the Olympic Test Event. The male gymnasts will compete on April 16th in the 2nd subdivision (out of 3). They will compete with teams from France, Spain and Romania. 

Our gymnasts will start on rings and will finish on pommel horse. Places are limited. 98 male gymnasts will compete at the Games. Once you've removed the gymnasts that will compete with their teams and the ones that qualified an individual spots thanks to their event finals at Worlds last year, there are more or less 30 spots left at the Test Event. No doubt our gymnasts can reach the top 30. 

The Men's teams that already qualified are: 
* Japan
* China
* Great-Britain
* United States
* Russia
* Switzerland
* Korea
* Brazil

On the girls' side, as you already know, Belgium qualified a full team to the Test Event. The girls placed 11th in Glasgow last year. In Rio, they will have to place at least 4th (out of 8 teams). Belgium will compete in the 4th and final subdivision with France on April 17th. On a positive note, they won't have to wait to know the results and if they qualified a full team. 

Belgium will start on vault and will finish on floor exercise. The competition will be tough, as teams from Romania, France, Germany, Brazil, Australia but also from Switzerland and Korea will compete against Belgium.

The teams that already qualified are:
* United States
* China
* Great-Britain
* Italy
* Russia
* The Netherlands
* Japan
* Canada

dimanche 21 février 2016

World Challenge Cup Baku: Silver for Maxime Gentges!

For his first competition of the season, Maxime Gentges (Gym Club Malmédy) travelled to Azerbaijan and Baku for the World Challenge Cup. And our gymnast shone!

Maxime was set to compete on three apparatuses, pommel horse, parallel bars and horizontal bar. The competition was already a hit for Maxime as he successfully qualified on all three events during the qualification sessions on Friday and Saturday!

On Sunday, let's go for the finals! Maxime started on pommel horse, where he performed a beautiful and clean routine to score 14.700 for 2nd place! Japan's Tomomasa Hasegawa easily won the event with 15.400. Saeed Reza Keikha, from Iran, won the bronze medal with 14.450. 

Maxime qualified in 8th place on parallel bars in qualification. Today, after a small istake, he finished strong with a great double piked dismount. He got 13.800 and placed 8th. 

But the competition was not over yet for our gymnast as he still had one final: horizontal bar! Being the last gymnast to go on a competition is never easy but there was no problem for Maxime! With a beautiful exercise, he scored 14.100 for a 4th place finish!

Maxime's results in Baku are very encouraging and set the bar for the rest of the season! In Azerbaijan, he won his very first medal in a World Cup event but I'm sure it won't be the last one! 

Pommel horse:
1. Tomomasa Hasegawa (JPN) 15.400
2. Maxime Gentges (BEL) 14.700
3. Saeed Reza Keikha (IRI) 14.450
4. Artem Dolgopyat (ISR) 14.200
5. Renato Prpic (CRO) 14.050
6. Ferhat Arican (TUR) 13.900
7. Stian Skjerahaug (NOR) 13.350
8. Dmitrijs Trefilovs (LAT) 12.000

Parallel bars:
1. Oleg Stepko (AZE) 15.550
2. Ferhat Arican (TUR) 15.350
3. Kazuma Kaya (JPN) 15.250
4. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) 15.000
5. Nestor Abad (ESP) 14.950
6. Ahmet Onder (TUR) 14.600
7. Alexander Shatilov (ISR) 14.500
8. Maxime Gentges (BEL) 13.800

Horizontal bar:
1. Tomomasa Hasegawa (JPN) 14.800
2. Ahmet Onder (TUR) 14.600
3. Tin Srbic (CRO) 14.500
4. Maxime Gentges (BEL) 14.100
5. Moran Yanuka (ISR) 13.650
6. Alexander Shatilov (ISR) 13.350
7. Umit Samiloglu (TUR) 13.200
8. Oleg Stepko (AZE) 12.700

mardi 16 février 2016

Friendly meet BEL-GER-ROU: all you need to know!

The Fédération francophone de Gymnastique unveiled the poster and infos of this prestigious meet where our Belgian team will compete against direct competitors for a team spot at the Olympic Test Event: Romania and Germany! 

Credit: Fédération francophone de Gymnastique
On April 3rd, Mouscron will host this friendly meet, which will gather Juniors and Seniors teams as well as individual gymnasts from Spain and Austria. This competition will serve as a final test for the Senior team as the gymnasts will then travel to Rio for the Olympic Test Event (April, 16-24). This will also be a test for the European Championships that will take place in Bern (Switzerland) in June, a competition where the Junior team will also compete.  

Seniors Teams :
Senna  Deriks
Rune  Hermans
Axelle Klinckaert
Gaelle  Mys
Cindy  Vandenhole
Laura Waem
Julie Meyers (individually)
Julie Croket (individually)

Nina Derwael got injured and won't compete at the friendly meet

Catalina Ponor
Diana Bulimar
Denisa Stanciu
Silvia Zarzu
Andreea Iridon
Dora Vulcan
Maria Holbura

Ana Maria Ocolisan and Laura Jurca got replaced after a final training test, Larisa Iordache is injured

Leah Griesser
Pauline Tratz
Sarah Voss
Maike Enderle
Carolina Kroll
Amelie Foellinger

Sophie Scheder and Pauline Schaefer (possibly injured today) are competing in Cottbus this weekend, Tabea Alt is injured and Elisabeth Seitz is resting

Elisa Hämmerle

Lisa Ecker is injured and won't compete

Helena Bonilla
Ana Perez Campos

Roxana Popa unfortunately got injured

Juniors Teams :
Maellyse Brassart
Chloé Leblicq
Myrthe Potoms
Manon Muller
Alysha Senders
Rinke Santy (individually)

Olivia Cimpian
Carmen Ghiciuc
Teodora Crisan
Alexandra Mihai
Denisa Golgota
Alisia Botnaru

Complexe sportif Site Motte
Rue de Bornoville 49
7700 Mouscron

At 12am: Juniors competition BEL-ROU
At 4pm: Seniors competition BEL-ROU-GER. Individual gymnasts from Spain and Austria will also compete. 

The competition is SOLD OUT! All the tickets are gone. Don't show up if you don't have a ticket!

More infos on prices here.

Source: Fédération francophone de Gymnastique

lundi 15 février 2016

Donna-Donny Truyens says goodbye to gymnastics

Donna-Donny Truyens decided to put an end to his long and successful career.

Credit: Dirk Waem - Belga

Born on March 31st 1989, he has been a member of the national team for 10 years and his favourite event was the pommel horse. He was, in fact, a true specialist on this event and has won multiple medals at international events. 

He made his debut with the Belgian team at the 2006 European Junior Championships in Volos (Greece). He ended up in 5th place in the pommel horse final. He became a Senior in 2007 and won a silver medal at the World Cup in Ostrava, in Czech Republic. He won his first major title in 2008, at the Szombathely World Cup, Hungary. The next year, he added three medals to his collection, two golds in Cottbus and Maribor and a bronze in Montreal.  

Despite very good results at World Cups events, he hasn't win a medal at a World or European Championships, even if he reached multiple finals: 2007 (EC Amsterdam, 5th), 2008, (EC Lausanne, 6th), 2009 (EC Milan, 6th), 2010 (WC Rotterdam, 7th), 2012 (EC Montpellier, 8th) and 2013 (EC Moscow, 6th).

He was also a member of the national team that finished in 11th place at the 2014 European Championships in Sofia (Bulgaria). Truyens also competed in two Universiade, 2009 and 2011, and won silver on both events. 

Last year, he won a silver medal at the Cottbus World Challenge Cup. He was also part of the team which travelled to Glasgow for the World Championships where he was the alternate.

Donna-Donny Truyens will remain one of the most successful Belgian gymnasts on the international stage. He was the first Belgian to reach a final at Euros and Worlds. Donna-Donny, thank you and good luck!

Complete results:
2015 - World Championships (Glasgow): 17th (team)
2015 - World Challenge Cup (Cottbus): 2nd (pommel horse)
2014 - European Championships (Sofia): 11th (team), 11h (pommel horse)
2013 - World Challenge Cup (Cottbus): 1st (pommel horse)
2013 - European Championships (Moscow): 6th (pommel horse)
2013 - World Championships (Antwerp): 15th (pommel horse)
2013 - World Challenge Cup (Osijek): 2nd (pommel horse)
2012 - World Challenge Cup (Ostrava): 2nd (pommel horse)
2012 - World Challenge Cup (Osijek): 2nd (pommel horse)
2012 - European Championships (Montpellier): 14th (team), 8th (pommel horse)
2011 - Summer Universiade (Shenzhen): 2nd (pommel horse)
2011 - European Championships (Berlin): 40th (pommel horse)
2011 - World Championships (Tokyo): 10th (pommel horse)
2010 - World Championships (Rotterdam): 7th (pommel horse), 28th (team)
2010 - World Cup (Ostrava): 2nd (pommel horse)
2010 - World Cup (Maribor): 2nd (pommel horse)
2010 - European Championships (Birmingham): 13th (pommel horse)
2010 - Gymfinales (Charleroi): 2nd (pommel horse), 13th (team)
2010 - World Cup (Stuttgart): 3rd (pommel horse)
2009 - Summer Universiade (Belgrade): 2nd (pommel horse)
2009 - Gymfinales (Ghent): 1st (pommel horse)
2009 - World Cup (Maribor): 1st (pommel horse)
2009 - European Championships (Milan): 6th (pommel horse)
2009 - World Cup (Cottbus): 1st (pommel horse)
2009 - World Cup (Montreal): 3rd (pommel horse)
2008 - European Championships (Lausanne): 6th (pommel horse)
2008 - World Cup (Szombathely): 1st (pommel horse)
2008 - World Cup (Barcelona): 3rd (pommel horse)
2008 - Gymfinales (Ghent): 1st (pommel horse)
2007 - World Cup (Ostrava): 2nd (pommel horse)
2007 - European Championships (Amsterdam): 5th (pommel horse)
2006 - European Junior Championships (Volos): 5th (pommel horse)