dimanche 14 avril 2019

2019 Europeans: 6th place for Jade Vansteenkiste on floor!

The European Championships concluded this Sunday with the last apparatus finals. Jade Vansteenkiste did great in her first major final and placed 6th. 

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Jade was the 4th gymnast to compete in this final. She kept her head cool and showed a clean exercise with a good triple twist and expressive choreography. Her difficulty level is not yet at the level of the top gymnasts but she had the third execution score from the finalists with 13.233.

French all-around champion Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos won the gold, Eythora Thorsdottir from the Netherlands the silver and Russia's Angelina Melnikova the bronze.

Floor final results:
1. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos (FRA) 13.833
2. Eythora Thorsdottir (NED) 13.666
3. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.466
4. Denisa Golgota (ROU) 13.366
5. Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 13.266
6. Jade Vansteenkiste (BEL) 13.233
7. Alice Kinsella (GBR) 13.100
8. Marine Boyer (FRA) 12.933

vendredi 12 avril 2019

2019 Europeans: Jimmy Verbaeys 22nd, Jade and Maellyse in the top 20 in the all-around finals!

On Friday Jimmy Verbaeys, Maellyse Brassart and Jade Vansteenkiste competed in the all-around finals. The girls both made the top 20 while Jimmy placed 22nd. 

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Jimmy competed on Friday afternoon in the men's final. He started on vault with a solid Kasamatsu full for which he scored 13.766. He showed clean work on parallel bars and was rewarded with a 14.000. On the horizontal bar, he miraculously managed to stay on the apparatus after he lost direction on one of his pirouettes (12.466). He moved on to the floor where he had to make some adjustments on his landings (13.133).

Things were a little bit more complicated for him on pommel horse but he managed to stay on to score 12.300. He finished his competition on still rings with a solid routine for which he got 12.700. Overall he was happy to be back in an all-around final at this level and was pleased with his final. Jimmy placed 22nd with a total of 78.365.

The gold was won by Nikita Nagornyy from Russia ahead of his teammate Arthur Dalaloyan. Marios Georgiou from Cyprus wrote history by winning the first medal for his country with bronze.

Men's all-around results:

1. Nikita Nagornyy (RUS) 88.665

2. Arthur Dalaloyan (RUS) 87.832
3. Marios Georgiou (CYP) 84.398
4. Joe Fraser (GBR) 84.365
5. Ahmet Onder (TUR) 84.299
22. Jimmy Verbaeys (BEL) 78.365

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Jade Vansteenkiste and Maellyse Brassart started their final on floor. They both showed solid routines which scored 12.533 and 12.100. They performed a full twisting Yurchenko on vault. Maellyse got 13.400 and Jade 13.366. They then moved on to the uneven bars, where several gymnasts had to count falls, Jade included. She fell on her Jaeger release and scored 11.966. Maellyse had to improvise a bit throughout her routine, but nevertheless scored 12.766. Jade had some troubles on beam too as she fell on her wolf turn. Maellyse delivered a good routine with a few balance checks to score 12.900.

Maellyse Brassart finished on the 12th place in this all-around final with a score of 51.166. Jade Vansteenkiste got 48.798 and ended on the 20th place. Not bad for a 15 year old newbie. She gained lots of experience for the future! 

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos from France won the gold medal, ahead of the defending champion, Ellie Downie, and Russia's Angelina Melnikova

Women's all-around results:
1. Melanie de Jesus dos Santos (FRA) 55.433
2. Ellie Downie (GBR) 55.365
3. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 55.065
4. Alice D'Amato (ITA) 53.233
5. Anastasiia Bachynska (UKR) 53.133
12. Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 51.166
20. Jade Vansteenkiste (BEL) 48.798

You can find the full results here.

On Sunday Jade Vansteenkiste will compete in the floor final. This last day of competition will start at 13:30.

jeudi 11 avril 2019

2019 Europeans: 3 finals for the girls !

Today Jade Vansteenkiste, Fien Enghels and Maellyse Brassart competed in qualifications in Szczecin.  They qualified for 3 finals.

Credit: Belgian gymnastics. 

In her first major competition as a senior,  Jade Vansteenkiste was the very first gymnast to compete on floor exercise. She scored 13.133 for her routine that included a triple twist and lots of jungle themes. She moved on to the vault were she scored 13.500 for her full twisting Yurchenko. She kept the head cool on bars with a solid routine (12.733). She finished her competition on beam and that's where the nerves hit her. She fell twice and scored 10.366. She finished 27th in the all-around standings with 49.732 but nevertheless qualified, thanks to the two-per-country rule. She also qualified for the floor final in 5th position !

Fien and Maellyse started their qualifications on beam. Maellyse was really solid until she fell on her switch ring leap (11.366). Fien showed a solid routine including a free carthweel connected to a layout step out. She scored 12.900. Maellyse came back strong on floor and got 12.233. Fien impressed with her neat choreography and clean execution. She scored 12.866. Maellyse showed a clean full twisting Yurchenko for 13.400. Fien and Maellyse finished their competition well on uneven bars. Fien got rewarded with 13.933 and just missed the final (1st reserve). Maellyse got 13.300.  With 50.299, Maellyse qualified in 23rd place to the all-around final.

You can find the full qualification results here.

Tomorrow, Jimmy Verbaeys will be in the men's all-around final starting at 1pm. Jade and Maellyse will be in the women's all-around final at 5:30pm !

mercredi 10 avril 2019

2019 Europeans : Jimmy Verbaeys qualified for the all-around final!

The Polish city of Szczecin is hosting the 2019 Individual European Championships the coming days. Today the men took the stage for their qualifications. Jimmy Verbaeys qualified for the all-around final.

Credit : Belgian Gymnastics
Luka Van den Keybus competed in the first of the three subdivisions. He started his competition on pommel horse with a score of 11.233. On rings, he scored 12.533 and 13.700 on vault. He made a small error and received 11.633 on parallel bars. He came back strong on the horizontal bar with 13.766, his best score of the day. He finished his competition on floor with a 13.566.  He finished 44th in the all-around qualifications, with a score of 76.431.

Jonathan Vrolix  and Jimmy Verbaeys competed in the second subdivision. They started on floor. Jimmy scored 13.566 and Jonathan received 14.300. He went out of bounds on his first pass, which cost him a qualifying spot for the final. Jimmy mastered the pommel horse and scored 13.300. Both Jonathan and Jimmy had a good rotation on still rings and scored 13.300 and 12.766 respectively. On vault Jimmy received a 13.633 from the judges and he got 13.733 on parallel bars. He finished his competition with a decent 13.200 on high bar. Jonathan also competed on high bar and scored 12.666. 

With total of 80.198, Jimmy placed 19th and qualified for the all-around final, that will take place on Friday !

You can find the full results here.

Tomorrow, Maellyse Brassart, Fien Enghels and Jade Vansteenkiste will compete in qualifications, starting at 10 am!