lundi 30 novembre 2015

Top Gym 2015: Belgium shines in finals!

Yesterday, Belgium shone at the 2015 Top Gym to end what was one of the best edition of the competition so far. The Belgian Juniors won 6 medals in finals.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
One of my favourite things at the Top Gym is the team competition. The concept is simple : to pair together two countries which will compete together. This year, Russia and the Netherlands won gold. Belgium won two more medals as Belgium 1 (Senna Deriks and Axelle Klinckaert) and South Africa, as well as Belgium 2 (Maellyse Brassart and Julie Meyers) with Spain, won silver and bronze. France, paired together with Gymnos Charleroi, came in 4th.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
In apparatuses finals, Belgium once again showed how great the Juniors are as Axelle Klinckaert (GymMax) won two gold medals and Senna Deriks (Gymgroep AS) won one silver and one bronze.

On vault, Axelle performed a Yurchenko full twist and a front handspring piked somersault with half turn. She scored 14.266. In 2nd and 3rd place were the two Russians, Angelina Simakova (14.150) and Uliana Perebinosova (13.900).

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
For many years now, France is known for its bars work and the team proved it once again in Charleroi by placing its two gymnasts on the podium. Alison Lepin won gold Alison Lepin (14.466) and Oréane Lechenault (14.366) won the bronze medal. Between the two French is Belgium's Senna Deriks. She won silver with a very good routine to earn 14.433. She performed a Weiler with half turn, a sky-high Shaposhnikova and a Tkatchev release.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Balance beam was an issue for the gymnasts. Stress and maybe some fatigue were in the line when it came to beam and we could see a lot of falls. On the contrary, Russian gymnast Angelina Simakova was confident and performed a stellar routine to win the gold medal with 14.100. Oréane Lechenault of France won a second medal, silver this time (12.750), ahead of Senna Deriks, 3rd, with 12.600.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Floor exercise was definitely a showdown for the audience with impressive tumblings and beautiful choreography. Now famous among the fans, Axelle Klinckaert's routine was the highlight of the competition. She won the gold by presenting a double layout, a full twisting double back, a double pike and a double tuck to score 14.300. Axelle always shows a lot of expressiveness  with this routine. Silver and gold went to Russia, who was one of the winners at this year's Top Gym (2 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes). Angelina Simakova (14.250) placed 2nd and Uliana Perebinosova (13.700) was 3rd.

I really loved Simakova's routine : 

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
This year's Top Gym was a success, despite the fact a lot of teams withdrew. The ones who were there put up a show and we'll see some of those gymnasts again in the future. Starting by Belgian Juniors, who got the best result ever achieved by Belgium at the Top Gym so far. 

In addition to Axelle and Senna's performances, Maellyse Brassart (Gym Phénix) and Julie Meyers (TK Sta Paraat - P. H. H. Hasselt vzw) were great too. They didn't win medals but they showed what they were capable of (and I'm sure they can do even better). Maellyse placed 5th on vault, 8th on bars, 12th on beam and 8th on floor. Julie ranked 7th on bars and 9th on beam.

The next competition will be the Tournoi International du Pas-de-Calais (December 11-12).

Watch the videos here
Pictures here and here

Full results here

dimanche 29 novembre 2015

Top Gym 2015: gold for Axelle Klinckaert!

Next stop for our Junior gymnasts: the Top Gym in Charleroi, one of the most prestigious international competitions in the World. And here in Charleroi, a Belgian gymnast won the all-around title for the first time!

Credit: belgian Gymnastics
I admit it, I was super excited to come back here. I realized I didn’t come in 13 years! When I was still a gymnast, this competition was the one to go to and I hoped that one day I would compete there.

But this article is not about me. This 18th Top Gym was organized in a strange situation. Because of the terrorist attacks in Paris and because our country was in maximal alert, the United States, Canada, Czech Republic, Romania and Israel cancelled their participation. And the tournament was one somersault away from being cancelled too.

But the organizers fought for it. And they were right. For the first time ever, a Belgian gymnast won the all-around title: Axelle Klinckaert (GymMax). And the fact that several countries withdrew wouldn’t have changed much about it. With the withdrawal of her teammate Nina Derwael (TK Sta Paraat - P. H. H. Hasselt vzw) because of a foot injury, all eyes were on Axelle. She had an amazing year (two gold medals and two silvers at the European Youth Olympic Festival, two silver medals in Marseille last week).

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
In front of her home crowd, she only had one mistake, a fall on balance beam on her back handspring, back handspring to layout somersault (13.500). On floor, where her routine is now admired by a lot of fans from all around the World, she captivated the audience and she got the best score on this event (13.950). But the best was yet to come. She almost got a perfect score on vault : 9.766 in execution for her Yurchenko full twist (14.766).

Just behind Axelle is another Belgian, Senna Deriks (Gymgroep AS). I was impressed by her on balance beam (13.600) and uneven bars (13.750). On vault, she performed a front handspring piked somersault with half turn (14.033). Senna is definitely a name that you have to remember for the future. As Axelle and Nina, Senna will turn Senior in 2016 and will be eligible for the Test Event.

In 3rd place is Russia’s Uliana Perebinosova. Russian champion on uneven bars, she unfortunately fell but still scored 13.350.

Julie Meyers, for Team Belgium, is in 5th place. Last week in Marseille, Julie had a rough day but I knew she could do better and shed id in Charleroi. She got 14.233 on vault and 13.400 on uneven bars, the 2nd scores of the team on this events.

This Saturday wasn’t a good day for Maellyse Brassart (Gym Phénix). She fell twice on bars and once on beam. But she finished strong on vault and floor, earning 14.400 and 13.600 respectively. Maellyse is still young. She will turn Senior in 2017, so she has plenty of time to earn some experience. Her goal in 2016 will be the European Junior Championships.

1. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 55.316
2. Senna Deriks (BEL) 54.883
3. Uliana Perebinosova (RUS) 54.033
5. Julie Meyers (BEL) 53.183
11. Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 50.500

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
The team competition and the event finals took place this Sunday. The team from Gymnos Charleroi competed with team France. Russia and the Netherlands paired up. Belgium 1 (Senna Deriks and Axelle Klinckaert) competed with South Africa and Belgium 2 (Maellyse Brassart and Julie Meyers) with Spain.

Two scores count in the team total.

I'll post the recap tomorrow!

mercredi 25 novembre 2015

Top Gym 2015: find out who will be there!

The gymnastics season continues for our Junior gymnasts! After Combs-La-Ville and Marseille and before Arques, they will compete in Charleroi for the Top Gym. Find out here which countries will be there. 

The Top Gym is one of the most prestigious international junior competition in Europe. This event has seen the participation of amazing gymnasts who then became European, World or Olympic champions. 

This edition is not different, even if there will take place under particular conditions. Due to the recent events in Europe and in Brussels, the organisation had to face with withdrawals such as the ones of the American gymnasts Jordan Chiles and Ragan Smith. The american website Gymnastike was also set to livestream the competition but cancelled its venue. 

However, there will be a fierce competition, as the organisers will count on the participation of the great Belgian juniors gymnasts, as well as some of the best gymnasts from Spain, Quebec or Russia! 

Here is the roster (note that this roster is subject to change):

South Africa
Naveen Daries 
Caitlin Rooskrantz

Laurie-Lou Vezina 
Victoria Jurca 

Belgium (FRBG)
Nina Derwael 
Axelle Klinckaert 
Senna Deriks 
Julie Meyers 
Maellyse Brassart 

Belgium (Gymnos)
Cassia Priels 
Doriane Dehombreux 
Esther Marmignon 
Coline Soumoy 

Helena Bonilla
Laura Bechdeju

Alison Lepin 
Oréane Lechenault 

Kirsten Polderman 
Marieke Van Egmond 

Anastasia Iliankova 
Uliana Perebinosova 

Belgium will of course be one of the dominant countries in terms of representation with two teams. Axelle KlinckaertNina DerwaelJulie MeyersSenna Deriks and Maellyse Brassart recently competed in Marseille where Axelle and Nina won 3 medals for Team Belgium. They will be the ones to watch this weekend. 

How will it work ? 

Saturday November 28:
At 6pm, gymnasts will compete in the all-around competition. This event will also serve as a qualifying round for the team final and the apparatuses finals. 

Sunday November 29:
At 3pm, it will be the team and apparatuses finals. Cuntries that send two gymnasts will be paired together. It will be a two-up-two-count format. Each gymnast also has to compete on at least one event. 

The competition will take place at the Parc des Sports, salle La Garenne (Rue des Olympiades, 2) in Charleroi.

Entrance fee:
One day: 10€
Two days: 15€
Free for children under 12 (must be accompanied by an adult)

lundi 23 novembre 2015

Élite Gym Massilia: 3 medals for Team Belgium in finals!

In Marseille, our young gymnasts once again shone during the event finals! Three medals: two silvers and one bronze! Here is my thoughts about their performances. 

Credit: Photografeuz
I have to admit, I was very excited to see how Nina Derwael (TK Sta Paraat - P. H. H. Hasselt vzw) and Axelle Klinckaert (GymMax) would perform in finals. In less than two months, they will be Seniors and this competition in Marseille was a good opportunity to compete against some of the best gymnasts in Europe. 

Axelle qualified for two finals: vault and floor. A fall on balance beam during the Master competition prevented her from a 3rd final that could have been a good one for her. But let's stay positive. Belgium is not really known for its vault skills. Our gymnasts usually present a yurchenko full twist. And it is rare to see a second vault from them.

Axelle also presented a yurchenko full twist, no real surprise here, but wih a superb execution (9.167 E score)! Her second vault, a front handspring piked salto with half turn, was very clean too (9.1 E score). 

With a 14.133 averaged score, Axelle won a silver medal!

1. Laura Jurca (ROU) 14.250
2. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 14.133
3. Camille Bahl (FRA) 14.067
4. Marine Boyer (FRA) 13.983
5. Jessica Hutchinson (USA) 13.850
6. Coline Devillard (FRA) 13.783
7. Alison Lepin (FRA) 13.467

Credit: Photografeuz
There were no Belgian gymnasts in the uneven bars final. But I'd like to talk a bit about Nina Derwael's routine that she presented during the Master competition. Nina improved a lot in the past year on bars. This weekend, she showed a 6.6 difficulty score! This is huge, it was the highest score of the competition on this event. To give you an example, it is the same difficulty score as Russia's Viktoria Komova, who recently won gold on bars at the 2015 Worlds! 

We thought that Nina's bars routine was promising. She posted videos on her Instagram account. In Marseille, she introduced a brand new Bhardwaj (pak salto with full turn). Unfortunately, she fell on her Van Leeuwen (toe-on half turn). But even with a fall, she managed to score 14.050! She also presented a beautiful combo, a Ricna (stalder to straddle Tkatchev) connected to a salto pak!

Here are the standings of the uneven bars final:
1. Natalia Kapitonova (RUS) 15.267
2. Enus Mariani (ITA) 14.267
3. Oreane Lechenault (FRA) 13.867
4. Alison Lepin (FRA) 13.733
5. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.633
6. Loan His (FRA) 13.233

No uneven bars final, but a balance beam final for NinaNina is a very elegant gymnast and you can particularly see it on balance beam. She missed one of her connection (free walkover to sheep jump) at the beginning of her routine and had few wobbles but no doubt that she could capitalize on this routine in the future. She also performed a new dismount, a Steingruber!  

1. Laura Jurca (ROU) 13.867
2. Enus Mariani (ITA) 13.733
3. Nina Derwael (BEL) 13.700
4. Brevet Marine (FRA) 13.700
5. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 13.633
6. Claire Martin (FRA) 13.133

Credit: Photografeuz
Last event for our two Juniors: floor exercise. 

I adore Nina on bars and Axelle on beam, but floor is a whole new dimension! I'm always impressed by all the epxressivness our Senior gymnasts put in their routines (especially Lisa VerschuerenLaura Waem and Gaelle Mys), but it also applies to our Juniors. You can tell they work hard to match the choreography. But in addition to that, they also show big skills, especially Axelle.

In this routine, she presented a brand new double layout as her opening tumbling pass. She then performed a tucked full-in (double tuck salto with a full twist in the first salto). Her last two tumbling passes were a double tucked and a double piked. I think she can earn a few more tenths on landings and turns. Very promising for 2016! 

I had a crush for Nina's gymnastics at the Flanders International Team Challenge back in May. Back in te time, I admit it, I knew nothing about her. I had seen videos, of course, but nothing more. But now, I'm a huge fan! On a very dramatic music, she performed a double tucked as her opening tumbling pass, followed by a one and a half twist connected to a full twist. Her tird tumbling pass was a two and a half twist. If she doesn't have Axelle's power on tumbling passes, Nina's real strengths are leaps and turns, which she executes very beautifully. 

1. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 14.233
2. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 14.100
3. Marine Brevet (FRA) 14.067
4. Elisa Meneghini (ITA) 13.967
5. Nina Derwael (BEL) 13.733
6. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 12.567

Axelle and Nina won three medals in event finals, 2 silvers for Axelle and one bronze for Nina

Credit: Photografeuz
I'd like to come back on Julie Meyers and Senna Deriks performances. As Axelle and Nina, they will turn Senior in 2016 and will be in contention for a spot on the National Team, which is, in my opinion, about time! Don't get me wrong: we have an amazing Senior team, but for now, we only have 8 competitive gymnasts and a bit of fresh blood won't hurt. We have the same National team for a while now, except for new Seniors Cindy Vandenhole and Rune Hermans

Senna has been injured for quite some time this year and she's not back at her best level quite yet, but she could be an asset for the team. On a good day, she can score 53-54 points in the all-around. Julie Meyers is still a bit behind, in my opinion, but no doubt that the international assignments she's been given tis year will boost her confidence and help her gain experience. She had a bad day in Marseille, but she has the potential to help the team.  

Nina and Axelle don't need an introduction anymore. They shone at the European Youth Olympic Festival, they shone in Marseille and no doubt they will shine again in Charleroi next weekend. Nina's bars set would be a real asset for Team Belgium which could use a 15 in a team competition, and she could help on beam too. But let's not underestimate her all-around potential. In Massilia, with a fall, she still managed to score 56+! As for today, she's the best all-arounder Belgium ever had and if she manages to keep up at this level next year, she will be a lock for the team. Same goes for Axelle, who scored a bit less than 55 points in the all-around (with a fall). In addition to her all-around strenghts, she could help the team on beam and floor. 

The future will tell what it has in store for our four promising Junior gymnasts, but no doubt: we'll hear more about them!

Full results here
Videos here and here

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Élite Gym Massilia: Videos!

Here are some videos I found on AureliaGym YouTube Channel! They were taken during Saturday's Master Competition. Enjoy and thank you to AureliaGym!

* Nina Derwael UB:

* Nina Derwael FX:

* Nina Derwael BB:

* Axelle Klinckaert FX:

* Axelle Klinckaert BB:

* Axelle Klinckaert UB:

* Julie Meyers UB:

* Julie Meyers FX:

* Julie Meyers BB:

* Senna Deriks FX:

* Senna Deriks BB:

* Senna Deriks UB:

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Élite Gym Massilia - Master Competition: 4th place for Team Belgium and four finals!

Since yesterday, Marseille hosts the Élite Gym Massilia, one of the most popular and prestigious international competitions. Today, Belgium competed in the Master Competition!

This Master Competition gathered the best teams in the World: Russia, Romania, Italy, Belgium and France, which was represented by four different teams as three of them qualified yesterday, after the Open Competition. 

Nina Derwael (TK Sta Paraat - P. H. H. Hasselt vzw), Axelle Klinckaert (GymMax), Senna Deriks (Gymgroep AS) and Julie Meyers (TK Sta Paraat - P. H. H. Hasselt vzw) started on vault, with beautiful scores, particularly from Axelle who got a 14.400! On her second vault, she scored 14.000. Nina got 14.050, Senna scored 12.350 and Julie got 14.000.

On the uneven bars, Nina Derwael had the highest Belgian score on this event, with 14.050. Senna Deriks had a rough routine(12.750). Axelle Klinckaert got 13.300 and Julie Meyers scored 13.600.

After two good rotations on vault and uneven bars, things got complicated for Julie on balance beam (9.900). After a difficult routine on bars for Senna, she received a good 13.350 on balance beam. Gold medallist on beam at the 2015 European Youth Olympic Festival, Axelle didn't manage to qualify for the final, with 12.800. It is once again Nina who got the best score for the team, with 14.250.

Credit: Elite Gym Massilia Facebook
Our gymnasts finished on floor exercise, where Julie unfortunately fell (10.850). Senna scored 13.100, while Nina (13.950) and Axelle (14.450) both qualified for the final.

France A team won the team competition (169.900), ahead of Russia (168.900) and Romania (166.550). Belgium placed 4th with 165.300.

1. France A 169.900
2. Russia 168.900
3. Romania 166.550
4. Belgium 165.300
5. Italy 164.550
6. France Open 2 158.700
7. France Open 1 158.400
8. France Junior Open 156.450

Individually, Russia's Angelina Melnikova, Junior European all-around Champion in 2014, won gold (57.500), ahead of France's Marine Brevet (56.950) and Romania's Diana Bulimar (56.900). 

1. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 57.500
2. Marine Brevet (FRA) 56.950
3. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 56.900
5. Nina Derwael 56.300
11. Axelle Klinckaert 54.950
23. Senna Deriks 51.550
29. Julie Meyers 48.350

The Master Competition was also a qualifying step for tomorrow's event finals. Here is the list of qualifiers (those results are unofficials and must be verified):

1. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 14.200
2. Camille Bahl (FRA Open 1) 14.175
3. Marine Boyer (FRA A) 14.125
4. Jessica Hutchinson (USA) 14.050
5. Coline Devillard (FRA Open 1) 14.000
6. Laura Jurca (ROU) 13.725
7. Alison Lepin (FRA Open 2) 13.550
Uneven Bars:
1. Natalia Kapitonova (RUS) 15.300
2. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 15.000
3. Loan His (FRA A) 14.400
4. Alison Lepin (FRA Open 2) 14.400
5. Enus Mariani (ITA) 14.300
6. Oreane Lechenault (FRA Open 2) 14.200
Balance Beam:
1. Claire Martin (FRA A) 15.000
2. Marine Brevet (FRA A) 14.600
3. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 14.300
4. Nina Derwael (BEL) 14.250
5. Laura Jurca (ROU) 14.150
6. Enus Mariani (ITA) 13.950
Floor Exercise:
1. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 14.600
2. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 14.450
2. Elisa Meneghini (ITA) 14.450
4. Nina Derwael (BEL) 13.950
5. Marine Brevet (FRA A) 13.900
5. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 13.900

Tomorrow, event finals will start at 3pm!

Full results here

vendredi 20 novembre 2015

Élite Gym Massilia - Open Competition: 7th place for Team Belgium

From Friday to Sunday, Marseille is hosting the Élite Gym Massilia! This competition gathers Juniors and Seniors gymnasts from all around the World. Today, it was the Open Competition! Three Belgian gymnasts competed. 


For years, the Élite Gym Massilia is one of the most important international competitions and it is also a good springboard, especially for young Juniors, that get to compete against teams from Canada, Romania, Italy or Russia!

The Belgian junior team had some badluck in Marseille. Two of its gymnasts had to withdraw: Vanina Vallée (Club Boussu Gym), at the beginning of the week, and then Oriane Jungers (RASG Jemelle), who got injured during training. Those injuries are not too serious but the coaches and gymnasts didn't want to take any risk. 

In this Open Competition, Belgium was thus represented by Chloé Leblicq (La Nivelloise), Maellyse Brassart (Gym Phénix) and Myrthe Potoms (Gymflex vzw). And with only three gymnasts, the team couldn't make mistakes as all the scores counted. 

They started on vault, with good performances, as Chloé gets 13.200, Myrthe scores 13.000, and Maellyse gets the highest score of the team with 14.000! Things became a bit more complicated on the uneven bars. Unfortunately, Chloé only gets 8.667 after two falls. Maellyse also falls (11.400), as does Myrthe (11.500).

Credit: Élite Gym Massilia Facebook
On beam, Myrthe gets the highest score of the team, with 13.567. With one fall, Maellyse gets 12.333. Chloé scores 10 (two falls). They finish on floor exercise. It is Maellyse who gets the best score for Team Belgium (12.967), ahead of Myrthe (12.7) and Chloé (12.033).

MaellyseChloé and Myrthe placed 7ème as a team. France dominates this team competition.

1. France Open 1 163.200
2. France Open Junior 160.400
3. France Open 2 157.100
7. Belgium 145.400

The three French teams qualify for the Master Competition. They will compete again tomorrow against teams from Belgium, France, Italy, Russia and Romania.

Individually, France also shone. Juliette Bossu finishes in 1st place.

1. Juliette Bossu (France Open 1) 54.467
2. Lorette Charpy (France Open Junior) 54.000
3. Coline Devillard (France Open 1) 53.533
13. Myrthe Potoms 50.800
14. Maellyse Brassart 50.700
43. Chloé Leblicq 43.900

The team didn't have a good day today in Marseille but let's not forget that those gymnasts are still very young and this competition is a beautiful experience for them. It was also a good occasion to present new elements and get ready for next week's Top Gym in Charleroi. They will also continue their preparation for the 2016 Junior European Championships that will took place in Bern (Switzerland). 

Tomorrow, Senna Deriks (Gymgroep AS), Nina Derwael (P. H. H. Hasselt vzw), Axelle Klinckaert (GymMax) and Julie Meyers (P. H. H. Hasselt) will compete in the Master Competition. Finals will take place on Sunday.

Full results here

dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Combs-la-Ville: great results from our gymnasts!

This week-end, 8 gymnasts competed at the Tournoi International de Combs-la-Ville! For most of them, it was the very first international competition.

The Fédération francophone de Gymnastique sent 6 gymnasts in France, in the Espoirs category: Amy Lejeune (Gym Club Malmédy), Sophia Kola (NAG), Luna Cassart (NAG), Chloé Storey (Gym Phénix), Neïla Damri (NAG) and Noémie Louon (Gym Club Malmédy). The GymFed was represented by two of its gymnasts: Manon Muller (Espoirs - Gymplus) and Rinke Santy (Juniors - Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas).

On Saturday, the Espoirs gymnasts competed in the team and all-around finals.

The FfG team 1, composed with Noémie Louon, Amy Lejeune and Sophia Kola placed 8th with 92.417. The FfG team 2, with Luna Cassart, Chloé Storey and Neïla Damri, ranked 11th (88.083). Switzerland won the gold medal (106.717) ahead of Czech Republic (99.800) and the French team from the Pôle Espoir Dijon (98.883).


Individually, also in the Espoirs category, Switzerland shone again as two of its gymnasts won gold and silver.

1. Leonie Meier (SUI) 55.017
2. Anina Wildi (SUI) 51.400
3. Carolann Heduit (FRA) 50.117
13. Manon Muller (GymFed) 46.617
15. Noémie Louon (FfG) 46.267
22. Amy Lejeune (FfG) 45.400
29. Sophia Kola (FfG) 44.033
30. Chloé Storey (FfG) 43.500
31. Neïla Damri (FfG) 43.367
33. Luna Cassart (FfG) 43.183

In the Juniors ranks, Rinke Santy only competed on uneven bars, where she scored 13.000. French gymnast Mélissa Poitreau won the all-around title (53.133) ahead of Czech Aneta Holasova (52.633) and another French gymnast, Leanne Bourgeois (52.083).

In the team competition, France took the title (105.967) ahead of Czech Republic (104.667) and Argentina (103.233).

On Sunday, two gymnasts of the Espoirs category also competed in the event finals. Amy Lejeune won a bronze medal on vault with 12.550. Manon Muller placed 4th in the uneven bars final (12.100).


mercredi 4 novembre 2015

2015 Worlds: Top 20 for Lisa and Rune, first final for Florian

Our Belgian gymnasts made history once again at the 2015 Glasgow World Championships. Three gymnasts, two girls and a boy, reached the all-around final.
Credit: Full Time Gymnastics

Let's start with the girls. After the qualifications, Lisa Verschueren (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas) and Rune Hermans (Gym Haacht) both qualified for the all-around final. It is only the second time that two Belgian gymnasts reach the final. The last time was in 2013 when Gaelle Mys (OTV Nazareth) and Laura Waem (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas) placed 18th and 21st. Last year in Nanning, Laura Waem was the only representative in the final, finishing in 24th place.

And this year, Lisa and Rune did even better! By placing 17th and 19th, they both placed in the top 20. This is the best result ever for two Belgian gymnasts in the all-around final. And again, the two Belgians have been very strong, not committing any mistake. Lisa scored 55.299 and Rune got 54.965.

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics
Florian Landuyt probably have mixed feelings regarding his own performance. First reserve after the qualifying session, he learned on Friday morning that he will get to compete in final, following the withdrawal of Germany's Fabian Hambüchen, who was sick. This is the first time a Belgian male gymnast reach the final of the all-around competition at a world championship.

Florian began his competition on vault, one of his strongest event, an ideal start for his confidence. He then fell on parallel bars, before coming back strong on horizontal bar. But the competition would end earlier than expected for the gymnast from Sportac Deinze. During one of his tumbling passes on floor (double twisting double back somersault), Florian landed on his back, then hold his ankle. Carried out of the floor by the medical team and after a few tests, it turns out that he ruptured his Achilles tendon. Back in Belgium, he already had surgery. This all-around final will probably not be one of Florian's best memories, but he still achieved something in Glasgow, reaching the final of a major championship, at only 19 years old.

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics

If this is certainly not the end we hoped, our gymnasts, both individually and as a team, have shown their potential and talent. Belgium is now a nation to watch. And the best is yet to come.