dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Combs-la-Ville: great results from our gymnasts!

This week-end, 8 gymnasts competed at the Tournoi International de Combs-la-Ville! For most of them, it was the very first international competition.

The Fédération francophone de Gymnastique sent 6 gymnasts in France, in the Espoirs category: Amy Lejeune (Gym Club Malmédy), Sophia Kola (NAG), Luna Cassart (NAG), Chloé Storey (Gym Phénix), Neïla Damri (NAG) and Noémie Louon (Gym Club Malmédy). The GymFed was represented by two of its gymnasts: Manon Muller (Espoirs - Gymplus) and Rinke Santy (Juniors - Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas).

On Saturday, the Espoirs gymnasts competed in the team and all-around finals.

The FfG team 1, composed with Noémie Louon, Amy Lejeune and Sophia Kola placed 8th with 92.417. The FfG team 2, with Luna Cassart, Chloé Storey and Neïla Damri, ranked 11th (88.083). Switzerland won the gold medal (106.717) ahead of Czech Republic (99.800) and the French team from the Pôle Espoir Dijon (98.883).

Credit: ffgym.be

Individually, also in the Espoirs category, Switzerland shone again as two of its gymnasts won gold and silver.

1. Leonie Meier (SUI) 55.017
2. Anina Wildi (SUI) 51.400
3. Carolann Heduit (FRA) 50.117
13. Manon Muller (GymFed) 46.617
15. Noémie Louon (FfG) 46.267
22. Amy Lejeune (FfG) 45.400
29. Sophia Kola (FfG) 44.033
30. Chloé Storey (FfG) 43.500
31. Neïla Damri (FfG) 43.367
33. Luna Cassart (FfG) 43.183

In the Juniors ranks, Rinke Santy only competed on uneven bars, where she scored 13.000. French gymnast Mélissa Poitreau won the all-around title (53.133) ahead of Czech Aneta Holasova (52.633) and another French gymnast, Leanne Bourgeois (52.083).

In the team competition, France took the title (105.967) ahead of Czech Republic (104.667) and Argentina (103.233).

On Sunday, two gymnasts of the Espoirs category also competed in the event finals. Amy Lejeune won a bronze medal on vault with 12.550. Manon Muller placed 4th in the uneven bars final (12.100).

Credit: ffgym.be

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