dimanche 12 novembre 2017

Busy schedule for Team Belgium !

The past month has been pretty intense for our gymnasts with several international competition in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Belgium, competitions from which our gymnasts brought back medals ! Here's a recap!
Credit: GymFed
Šalamunov Memorial, Slovenia - 20-21st October 
A few weeks ago, Luka Vanden Keybus, Jimmy Verbaeys, Noah Kuavita and Takumi Onosima travelled to Slovenia for the Šalamunov Memorial, an international competition that gathered Juniors and Seniors gymnasts. This competition was successful for Team Belgium as they won 6 medals ! Jimmy Verbaeys won the all-around title, and two bronze medals, on rings and horizontal bar. Noah Kuavita won the silver medal in the all-around and added a couple of medals, the silver on parallel bars and the gold on horizontal bar! Takumi, who's a first year Senior, was held back by a back injury but still made it to the parallel bars final. However, he didn't compete in order to focus on his healing process, as he'll be competing at the Cottbus World Cup next week.

Wase Gym Cup, Belgium - 27-29th October
The 14th edition of the Wase Gym Cup turned out to be very great for our gymnasts with wins in almost every cathegories. In the Youth division, Dries De Schepper won the all-around titel, ahead of Bram Vanmullem and Biek Janssens, while Charlotte Beydts brought home the gold in the WAG's side, ahead of teammates Keziah Langendonck and Kato De Laet. Registered as competitors for GymFed, they also won the team title in both categories.

Credit: Liesbeth Coremans
The Juniors and the Seniors were competing together in what was an exciting competition. On the MAG's side, Justin Pesesse, Mattis Bouchet, Bram De Ridder and Nicola Cuyle, won the team title for Team Belgium. Justin, Mattis and Nicola also went on the place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the all-around in this competition which served as a selection competition for the International friendly match against the Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. On the WAG's side, Sweden Alva Eriksson won the all-around gold ahead of Elze Geurts and Juliette Pijnacker from Amsterdam. Amsterdam also went on to win the team title.

Full results here

NED-BEL-ITA-SUI friendly match, the Netherlands - 4th November
The weekend after the Wase Gym Cup, Justin Pesesse, Nicola Cuyle, Mattis Bouchet, Bjorn Luypaert and Victor Martinez competed in this Juniors friendly match, a selection competition for next year's YOG. The team won a good team bronze, behind Switzerland and Italy. In the all-around, Justin Pesesse was the best Belgian, with a 6th place finish. 

Credit: Mathias Hikketik
Nicola placed 11th, Mattis was 13th and Victor placed 16th for his bery first Juniors international selection. Bjorn Luypaert unfortunately got injured on his very first apparatus, the vault.

Full results here

Swiss Cup, Switerland - 4th November
In the very same weekend as the friendly match for our MAG Juniors team, the WAG U13 was in Zurich for the Juniors Swiss Cup. The team, composed of Stacy Bertrandt, Noémie Louon, Keziah Langendonck, Kato De Laet, Calisse Kums and Jutta Verkest won the team silver, behind Germany and ahead of Switzerland. 

Credit: Swiss Federation
Stacy Betrandt also won the all-around title, ahead of Germany's Aiyu Zhu and Switzerland's Lili Habisreutinger. Noemie Louon wasn't far behind with a 4th place finish!. 

Full results here

Tournoi International of Combs-La-Ville, France - 11-12th November
This weekend, Margaux Daveloose, Julie Vandamme, Fien Enghels (team 1), Jade Vansteenkiste, Noémie Louon and Stacy Bertrandt (team 2) were in France for the Tournoi International of Combs-La-Ville. No medals here for our gymnasts but plenty of experience for the future. Team 1 placed 6th and team 2 placed 11th. In the all-around, Noémie Louon got the best result with a 15th place finish. 

What's next?
* 17-19/11 : Jan Gajdos Memorial, Czech Republic
* 17-19/11 : Elite Gym Massilia, France
* 23-26/11 : Cottbus World Cup, Germany
* 25-26/11 : Top Gym, Belgium
* 25/11 : Future Cup Linz, Austria
* 9-10/12 : Christmas Cup, Luxembourg

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