mercredi 10 avril 2019

2019 Europeans : Jimmy Verbaeys qualified for the all-around final!

The Polish city of Szczecin is hosting the 2019 Individual European Championships the coming days. Today the men took the stage for their qualifications. Jimmy Verbaeys qualified for the all-around final.

Credit : Belgian Gymnastics
Luka Van den Keybus competed in the first of the three subdivisions. He started his competition on pommel horse with a score of 11.233. On rings, he scored 12.533 and 13.700 on vault. He made a small error and received 11.633 on parallel bars. He came back strong on the horizontal bar with 13.766, his best score of the day. He finished his competition on floor with a 13.566.  He finished 44th in the all-around qualifications, with a score of 76.431.

Jonathan Vrolix  and Jimmy Verbaeys competed in the second subdivision. They started on floor. Jimmy scored 13.566 and Jonathan received 14.300. He went out of bounds on his first pass, which cost him a qualifying spot for the final. Jimmy mastered the pommel horse and scored 13.300. Both Jonathan and Jimmy had a good rotation on still rings and scored 13.300 and 12.766 respectively. On vault Jimmy received a 13.633 from the judges and he got 13.733 on parallel bars. He finished his competition with a decent 13.200 on high bar. Jonathan also competed on high bar and scored 12.666. 

With total of 80.198, Jimmy placed 19th and qualified for the all-around final, that will take place on Friday !

You can find the full results here.

Tomorrow, Maellyse Brassart, Fien Enghels and Jade Vansteenkiste will compete in qualifications, starting at 10 am!

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