mardi 10 mars 2020

Gymnix International 2020: Strong results for Team Belgium!

In early march Montreal (Canada) welcomed the International Gymnix. Team Belgium was represented by a junior and a senior team and several individual gymnasts. 

On Friday, Maellyse Brassart, Margaux Daveloose, Fien Enghels and Lisa Vaelen competed for Team Belgium while Stacy Bertrandt and Jade Vansteenkiste competed as individuals.

The team won the silver medal behind Team USA and ahead of Canada. Lisa finished 6th in the all-around, while Jade and Stacy also finished in the top ten with an 8th and 9th place.

Credit: Lara Van Dyck Facebook.
Team results Senior Cup:

1. United States  160.628

2. Belgium        153.330
3. Canada 1       150.429
4. Canada 2       150.330
5. Australia        150.163
6. Canada 3       146.66

All-around results Senior Cup:

1. Emily Lee (USA) 53.831

2. MyKayla Skinner (USA) 52.631
3. Audrey Rousseau (CAN) 52.532
4. Faith Torrez (USA) 52.198
5. Lillian Lippeatt (USA) 51.399
6. Lisa Vaelen (BEL) 51.132
7. Kate McDonald (AUS) 50.766
8. Jade Vansteenkiste (BEL) 50.532
9. Stacy Bertrandt (BEL) 50.531
10. Victoria-Kayen Woo (CAN) 49.932
11. Margaux Daveloose (BEL) 49.866
12. Fien Enghels (BEL) 49.732
21. Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 48.365

Credit: Lara Van Dyck facebook.

On Saturday, the juniors took the floor. 1st year junior Zsofi Verleden competed in the Junior Challenge and qualified for the floor final on Sunday.

Charlotte Beydts, Margaux Dandois, Keziah Langendock and Jutta Verkest won the silver medal in the team competition. Team USA once again won the gold and Canada the bronze.

Keziah also won the bronze medal in the all-around. Jutta was 6th, Charlotte 16th and Margaux 21st.

Team results Junior Cup:
1. United States          164.061
2. Belgium                151.229
3.Canada 2                150.996
4. Canada 1               150.898
5. Australia                147.863
6. Germany               142.828

All-around results Junior Cup:

1. Skye Blakely (USA) 56.132

2. Konnor Mc Clain (USA) 55.098
3. Keziah Langendock (BEL) 51.365
6. Jutta Verkest (BEL) 51.098
16.Charlotte Beydts (BEL) 48.099
21. Margaux Dandois (BEL) 46.666

The International Gymnix concluded on Sunday with the apparatus finals.

On bars, Jutta Verkest won the bronze medal with 12.566. Keziah had a difficult time and finished 8th. On beam Jutta was 4th, only 0.033 away from another bronze medal. Keziah took the 6th place on beam with 12.300. Zsofi Verleden won the silver medal on floor in the Gymnix Challenge final. Keziah  finished 5th in Junior floor final with 12.433 while Margaux Dandois took the 7th place with 12.166.

On the senior side, Fien Enghels won the gold medal on uneven bars with 13.766. Margaux Daveloose finished 7th. On beam Maellyse Brassart showed her poise and won the bronze medal with a score of 12.833. Lisa Vaelen had to count a fall and finished 7th. On floor Jade Vansteenkiste finished 3rd. She opened her routine with a gorgeous triple twist and scored 13.400. Lisa also showed some skyhigh tumbles but unfortunately fell on one of them. She finished 8th.

Junior Uneven bars final:
1 Konnor McClain (USA) 14.100
2 Skye Blakely (USA) 13.600
3 Jutta Verkest (BEL) 12.566 
4 Ruby Pass (AUS) 12.233
5 Sydney Turner(CAN) 12.100
6 Rylee Miller (CAN) 11.933
7 Pia Meier (GER) 11.466
8 Kéziah Langendock (BEL) 11.133

Junior Beam final:

1 Konnor McClain (USA) 13.466
2 Skye Blakely  (USA) 13.033
3 Ava Stewart (CAN) 12.566
4 Jutta Verkest (BEL) 12.533
5 Bailey Inglis (CAN) 12.333
6 Kéziah Langendock (BEL) 12.300
6 Olena Edmeades (AUS) 12.300
8 Chloe Saliaris (AUS) 10.366

Junior Floor final:
1 Konnor McClain (USA) 13.166
2 Bailey Inglis (CAN) 13.133
3 Skye Blakely (USA) 13.100
4 Sydney Turner (CAN) 12.500
5 Kéziah Langendock (BEL) 12.433
6 Chloe Saliaris (AUS) 12.366
7 Margaux Dandois (BEL) 12.166
8 Anna Lena Koenig (GER) 11.900

Senior Uneven bars final:
1 Fien Enghels (BEL) 13.766 
1. MyKayla Skinner (USA) 13.766
3 Faith Torrez (USA) 12.966
4 Victoria-Kayen Woo (CAN) 12.833
5 Miriana Perkins (AUS) 12.233
6 Romi Brown (AUS) 11.900
7 Margaux Daveloose (BEL) 11.866 
8 Laurie Denommée (CAN) 11.500

Senior Beam final:
1 Faith Torrez (USA) 13.966
2 Kate McDonald (AUS) 13.100
3 Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 12.833 
4 Sophie Marois (CAN) 12.733
5 Talia Folino (AUS) 12.500
6 Rose-Kaying Woo (CAN) 12.366
7 Lisa Vaelen (BEL) 11.133 
8 Lillian Lippeatt (USA) 10.833

Senior Floor final:
1 MyKayla Skinner (USA) 14.133
2 Emily Lee (USA) 13.433
3 Jade Vansteenkiste (BEL) 13.400 
4 Rose-Kaying Woo (CAN) 12.866
4 Isabela Onyshko (CAN) 12.866
6 Kate McDonald (AUS) 12.733
7 Breanna Scott (AUS) 12.700
8 Lisa Vaelen (BEL) 11.866

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