mercredi 16 décembre 2015

Lisa Verschueren has to retire

After feeling faint on Sunday, Lisa Verschueren was taken to the hospital where the doctors discovered a heart condition. Lisa will undergo surgery in the next few days as she will have to have a defibrillator. 

Credit: Liesbeth Coremans
It is always sad when a gymnast retires, but it is even sader when it wasn't the gymnast's choice. Lisa Verschueren (Sportiva Sint-Gilli-Waas) was a great asset for Team belgium, always consistent, always there when the team needed her and she definitely was a contender for the 2016 Olympic team. Lisa has been part of the National Team for the past four years as a Senior. She made her senior debut in 2011, and she was already very promising at only 16 years old. She competed at four World Championships (2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015) and three European Championships (2011, 2012 and 2014). Belgian Champion in 2014, she got stronger and steadier with years, gaining experience for what would have been the ultimate goal: the Olympic Games. 

Credit: Liesbeth Coremans

This year, Lisa competed at the very first European Games, where she qualified for the floor exercise final and finished in 4th place. In Glasgow, at Worlds, she helped the team qualify for the Rio Test Event but she also was the best Belgian. She qualified for the all-around final and got the best result ever achieved by a Belgian gymnast at this level: a 17th place finish.

Credit: Liesbeth Coremans
I always loved Lisa on floor, which I think, is her best event. She always put so much epressiveness in her routines and the last one she got truly matches her. She will be missed among the fans and among her teammates with whom she had so many beautiful memories. But now, it is time for her to take care of herself. I have no doubt the future has great plans for her and no matter what, Lisa will be remembered as one of the gymnasts who left her mark in Belgian gymnastics history. Lisa, thank you for everything you've done for the sport. We love you! 

Career highlights:
2015 - World Championships (Glasgow) : 11th (team), 17th (all-around)
2015 - European Games (Baku) : 10th (team), 22nd (all-around), 4th (floor exercise)
2015 - FIT Challenge (Gent) : 2nd (team), 7th (all-around)
2015 - Belgian Championships : 3rd (all-around)
2014 - World Championships (Nanning) : 11ème (team), 30th (all-around)
2014 - Belgian Championships : 1st (all-around)
2014 - European Championships (Sofia) : 7th (team)
2014 - International Gymnix Canada (Montreal) : 5th (all-around), 2nd (uneven bars)
2013 - Belgian Championships : 2nd (all-around)
2013 - World Challenger Cup (Doha) : 8th (uneven bars)
2013 - World Championships (Antwerp) : 36th (all-around)
2013 - Gymfinales (Gent) : 2nd (balance beam)
2012 - Belgian Championships : 3rd (all-around)
2012 - European Championships (Brussels) : 6th (team)
2012 - Olympic Games Test Event (London) : 5th (team)
2011 - International Gymnix Canada (Montreal) : 18th (all-around), 9th (balance beam)
2011 - European Championships (Berlin) : 31st (balance beam), 29th (floor exercise)
2011 - World Championships (Tokyo) : 16th (team)
2010 - Juniors European Championships (Birmingham) : 11th (team)

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  1. It is cruel to have to stop at a point that Lisa did not chose herself. ...with the test event in sight in April next year were she could certainly help the Belgian team to qualify for the Olympics in Rio . Sad for her and wish her all the best for the future !��