Tournoi International of Pas-de-Calais: two silvers for Dorien Motten!

As well as the Espoirs, Juniors and Seniors gymnasts competed this weekend in Arques. Let's have a look at all the results! 

Four gymnasts, three juniors and one senior, competed in the all-around and team competition on Friday. Marthe Hoskens, paired together with Dorien Motten, ranked 5th. Manon Muller and Alisha Senders placed 8th.

Team results Juniors/Seniors:
1. Eremina/Akhaimova (RUS) 105.867
2. Cheong/Sayfulina (RUS) 101.767
3. Brown/Arcand (CAN) 101.033
5. Hoskens/Motten (BEL) 100.500
8. Senders/Muller (BEL) 96.433

On the Juniors' side, Alisha Senders is the first belgian, placing 4th, ahead of Marthe Hoskens (5th) and Manon Muller (7th).

AA results Juniors:
1. Elena Eremina (RUS) 54.833
2. Louise McColgan (SCO) 51.033
3. Valeryia Sayfulina (RUS) 50.100
4. Alisha Senders (BEL) 48.933
5. Marthe Hoskens (BEL) 48.267
8. Manon Muller (BEL) 47.500

Dorien Motten was the only Senior for Team Belgium. She placed 2nd and won a beautiful silver medal! 

AA results Seniors:
1. Rebecca Moore (WAL) 53.167
2. Dorien Motten (BEL) 52.233
3. Anastasia Cheong (RUS) 51.667

Credit: AMGA Arques Facebook
In the event finals, Juniors and Seniors competed together. Dorien Motten won another silver medal, this time on uneven bars! 

1. Elena Eremina (RUS) 14.167
2. Lilia Akhaimova (RUS) 14.067
3. Shaelyn Brown (CAN) 13.751

Uneven bars:
1. Elena Eremina (RUS) 14.200
2. Dorien Motten (BEL) 12.800
3. Georgina Hockenhull (GBR) 12.667

Balance beam:
1. Elena Eremina (RUS) 13.867
2. Asiana Peng (ROU) 13.500
3. Denisa Stanciu (ROU) 12.867
7. Manon Muller (BEL) 12.334

Floor exercise:
1. Lilia Akhaimova (RUS) 13.600
2. Elena Eremina (RUS) 13.100
3. Rebecca Moore (WAL) 12.967
7. Dorien Motten (BEL) 12.400

Full results here


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