New Seniors in 2016 part. 2: MAG

Here is the 2nd (and last) part of our series of articles about the new seniors gymnasts in 2016. Today : the men's gymnasts!

There is something to know about the men's gymnasts : if they theoretically become Seniors the year they turn 18, they can choose to remain in the Juniors ranks that year. For example, it was the case for Nile Wilson (Great-Britain). He competed at the 2014 European Juniors Championships and then he represented England at the Commonwealth Games and Great-Britain at Worlds in Nanning later that same year. But let's go back to our gymnasts. Time will tell which category they choose to compete in. 

Iliaz Pyncket (Vaste Vuist Lauwe)
Iliaz already has beautiful results as a Junior. He was a member of the Belgian team that was sent to Sofia for the European Juniors Championships in 2014, where he finished 7th with the team. Individually, he ranked 15th on the horizontal bar. 

Credit: Liesbeth Coremans
2nd at last year's Belgian Championships, he then travelled to Tbilisi for the EYOF where he reached two finals. He was 5th on floor exercice and horizontal bar.

Iliaz Pyncket's D-scores (+ videos):
Pommel horse: 4.5
Vault: 4.4

Lukas Fickers (TSV 1970 Rocherath)
Lukas took part in some international friendly competitions against other Juniors gymnasts. He was 7th at last year's Belgian Championships where his best event was parallel bars. I don't have much info about Lukas but I'm sure we'll hear from him in 2016. 

Lukas Fickers' D-scores (from the 2015 Belgian Championships): 
Floor exercise: 4.1
Pommel horse: 3.4
Still rings: 3.7
Vault: 3.6
Parallel bars: 4.8
Horizontal bar: 3.8


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