dimanche 27 novembre 2016

Top Gym 2016: France's Célia Serber is the new AA champion!

In a very tight finish, the young Célia Serber from France took the gold, ahead of Naomi Visser from the Netherlands and Olivia Cimpian from Romania. Fien Enghels and Cassia Priels placed 8th and 10th respectively.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Célia Serber, born in 2003, might come as a surprise here. But after a fall on balance beam, she appeared to be the most solid gymnast out there. At only 13, she shows great promises for the future, including a full twisting double layout dismount on bars! With a total score of 51.883, she took the gold medal.

In second place is Naomi Visser from the Netherlands. She was in the lead after three rotations and it was very close between her and the top 4 gymnasts. After a good competition, Visser scored 51.699 to take the silver, just less than 0.2 from the gold.

Olivia Cimpian from Romania came in 3rd. In my eyes, she was the favourite to win along with her teammate Ioana Crisan (who had to whithdrew due to an injury after her vault). This competition was hers to lose. And it all came down to balance beam. After a strong start on vault, Olivia had a very nervous beam routine, falling twice and having big wobbles (10.850). Before that, she was in the lead by more than a point. But she was down to 4th before the last rotation. She came back strong on floor to win the bronze medal with a score of 51.499.

Vendula Merkova from Czech Republic also had a pretty good day, finishing in an impressive 4th place. For Belgium, Fien Enghels placed 8th, with a fall on bars while Cassia Priels was 10th.

AA standings
1. Célia Serber (FRA) 51.883
2. Naomi Visser (NED) 51.699
3. Olivia Cimpian (ROM) 51.499
4. Vendula Merkova (CZE) 51.166
5. Alisson Lapp (FRA) 50.616
6. Juliette Berens (NED) 49.900
7. Adela Merkova (CZE) 49.266
8. Fien Enghels (BEL) 47.783
9. Andrea Carmona (ESP) 47.650
10. Cassia Priels (BEL) 47.016
11. Lova Tingvall (SWE) 46.666
12. Marta Sanchez (ESP) 46.583
13. Sigrid Risberg (SWE) 44.249
14. Ioana Crisan (ROM) 13.900

The team and event finals will take place today. The different countries have been teamed up : Romania will compete with Sweden. Spain with France. and the Czech Republic with the Netherlands. There will be no Belgian team but Cassia and Fien will still compete in the event finals.

Videos will be uploaded soon!

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