2017 Sainté Gym Cup: two silver medals for Team Belgium

Last weekend, Saint-Étienne hosted the very first edition of the Sainté Gym Cup, an international competition gathering teams from 9 countries, including France, Spain, Romania, Italy and Belgium. Our gymnasts brought 2 silver medals back home!

Credit: Laurie Photographies
The team qualifications and the all-around finals took place on Saturday. The Belgian team was composed of Senior Julie Meyers and Juniors Julie Vandamme, Fien Enghels and Margaux Daveloose.

As a team, they placed 2nd in qualifications and qualified for the team final, that took place on Sunday. Individually, Fien Enghels was the best Belgians among the Juniors, as she placed 5th, with a total score of 47.150. Julie Vandamme and Margaux Daveloose weren't far behind, as they ranked 7th and 8th. In the Senior category, Julie Meyers scored a total of 49.800 to take the silver medal!

Credit: Laurie Photographies

Juniors all-around ranking
1. Alessia Canali (ITA) 48.950
2. Aline Friess (FRA) 48.500
3. Violeta Sanchez (ESP) 47.850
5. Fien Enghels (BEL) 47.150
7. Julie Vandamme (BEL) 46.500
8. Margaux Daveloose (BEL) 45.700

Seniors all-around ranking
1. Léanne Bourgeois (FRA) 49.900
2. Julie Meyers (BEL) 49.800
3. Grâce Charpy (FRA) 49.050

On Sunday, the four Belgians competed in the team final, where they won a silver medal! In a 4-2-2 format (4 gymnasts on the team, 2 gymnasts compete on each apparatus and the two scores count), they got 94.100.

Credit: Laurie Photographies
They started on bars, where Julie Vandamme unfortunately had to count a fall after one of her grips was misplaced and slipped. The team could then rely on two good vaults and two lovely routines on floor, where our Juniors Margaux Daveloose and Julie Vandamme both competed 4 tumbling passes.

Credit: Laurie Photographies
On beam, Fien Enghels was solid, while Julie Meyers had to count two falls. Nevertheless, their total score of 94.100 was enough to take the silver medal, behind France and ahead of Spain.

Credit: Laurie Photographies

Team final ranking
1. France 101.600
2. Belgium 94.100
3. Spain 93.100

The next competition for Julie Meyers will be the European Championships in April.



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