Great results for our WAG teams in Jesolo and Canada !

The past few weeks saw both our Juniors and Seniors WAG teams travel abroad for international competitions : the Trofeo Città Jesolo and the International Gymnix!

Credit : International Gymnix
On 2-3 March, Stacy Bertrandt, Noémie Louon, Lisa Vaelen and Jutta Verkest represented Belgium in Italy for the Trofeo Città Jesolo. They achieved amazing results, placing 3rd as a team (152.734), behind Russia (165.234) and the United States (163.899).

Individually, the all-around final was won by USA's Konor McClain (56.167), followed by Vladislava Urazova (Russia, 55.200) and Elena Gerasimova (Russia, 55.000). Noémie Louon was the best Belgian, with a total score of 51.601 for the 11th place. Stacy placed 15th (50.133), Lisa placed 19th (49.633) and Jutta was 26th with 47.666.

Noémie qualified for the uneven bars final and placed 4th with 13.700, just 0.050 from the bronze medal. Stacy competed in the balance beam final but unfortunately fell. She placed 8th, with 11.450.

Credit : Simone Ferraro/FGI
Last week-end, several Juniors and Seniors gymnasts traveled to Montreal, Canada for the 2019 edition of the International Gymnix.

Juniors Stacy Bertrandt, Noémie Louon, Charlotte Beydts and Jutta Verkest competed as a team. Maellyse Brassart, Fien Enghels and Jade Vansteenkiste composed the Seniors team.

Calisse Kums competed as an individual in the Challenge Gymnix. She placed 24th with 45.283.

Our Juniors did a fantastic job by placing 2nd in the team competition, with 154.530. The United States won the gold medal (159.463) and Canada won the bronze medal (154.463). Noémie Louon was once again the most solid among the Belgians. With 52.432, she placed 4th. Stacy Bertrandt earned 50.999 and placed 6th. Jutta got 50.032 for the 8th place, while Charlotte got a total score of 48.265 for the 15th place.

They also qualified for several individual finals, where Noémie proved she was in great shape, earning 3 medals, including one gold. On floor, Noémie presented a beautiful exercise, for which she received 12.966, enough for the bronze medal. She placed right ahead of Jutta Verkest, who placed 4th with 12.933.

Noémie then won another bronze medal in the uneven bars final, with a great 13.400, devancing once again another of her teammates, this time Stacy Bertrandt, in 4th with 13.200. On beam, Stacy unfortunately fell twice, scoring 10.600. Noémie closed her already fantastic day with a stellar routine on beam, for which she earned a 13.200, winning the gold medal !

Credit : International Gymnix
Our Seniors team placed 6th in the team competition with 138.662. Sadly, Margaux Daveloose got injured shortly before the competition and couldn't compete. Fien Enghels also couldn't compete on vault, meaning the team was a score vault short. Nevertheless, they achieved a pretty good result. The team final was won by the United States (165.261) ahead of Canada (155.196) and Australia (154.963).

Individually, Maellyse placed 10th in the all-around, with 51.565. Jade Vansteenkiste got 47.865 for the 19th place. Fien qualified for the uneven bars and balance beam finals. She placed 6th on beam with 11.633, after falling off the beam. On bars, she placed 7th with 12.100, just ahead of Maellyse, who finished in 8th place with 11.700. On floor, Maellyse scored 12.400 and placed 6th.

Next weekend, our MAG team will compete at the DTB-Pokal Team Challenge in Stuttgart. The team will be announced in the coming days. Also next weekend, Jonathan Vrolix and Dennis Goossens will compete at the Baku World Cup. They will then travel to Doha, where they'll be joined by Nina Derwael.

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