Worlds 2015: a qualifying spot for the Test Event and two gymnasts in finals!

Yesterday, the Belgian women's team placed 11th as a team at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships! With 219,780, they get their ticket for the Test Event in Rio! Lisa Verschueren and Rune Hermans qualified for the all-around final!

Credit: Florence Lestienne

Our gymnasts started on floor exercise. Laura Waem (Sportiva Sint-Gillis Waas) was the first gymnast to go. With a very clean serie and perfect landings, she earned a 13.400. Nest up was Cindy Vandenhole (Vaste Vuist Lauwe), who got 12.933. Belgium girls impressed with their expressiveness, as Gaelle Mys (OTV Nazareth)Lisa Verschueren (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas) and Rune Hermans (Gym Haacht) earned 13.800, 13.933 and 13.966!

On vault, they all performed a full twisting yurchenko. A simple vault but they all received clean execution scores! Rune got a 14.000, while Lisa scored 13.700. Two gymnasts then received scores higher than 14.000: Gaelle (14.133) and Cindy (14.100). Lisa got 13.916.

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics

Team Belgium then struggled a bit on the uneven bars, with Gaelle Mys falling on her double front dismount. Laura, last one to go, struggled on her Weiler move (12.066). But she came back strong with a stuck landing. Rune (13.566), Lisa (13.900) and mostly Cindy (14.033) got the highest scores for Belgium on this event.

The last event for the gymnasts was the beam. This event was kind of a nightmare lately for our gymnasts. But they were determined to stop this downward spiral and they did it in style! No fall! Julie Croket (GymMax), who's still recovering from her ankle injury, only competed on beam, where she earned 12.800. Laura then scored 14.000 with a beautiful routine and again a stuck double piked dismount. Lisa and Rune got 13.700 and 13.800. Gaelle, for who's beam is the best event, missed some connections but still earned a 13.300.

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics

With 219.780, Belgium qualifies for the Test Event as the team placed 11th! Individually, Lisa Verschueren and Rune Hermans both qualified for the all-around final, scoring 55.449 and 55.332.

The following countries earned a qualifying spot for the Olympic Games in Rio:
1. United States 236.611
2. Russia 231.437
3. Great Britain 227.162
4. China 225.127
5. Italy 224.452
6. Japan 223.863
7. Canada 222.780
8. The Netherlands 222.354

Those nations qualified for the Test Event in April:
9. Brazil 221.861
10. France 219.919
11. Belgium 219.780
12. Germany 219.261
13. Romania 217.220
14. Australia 214.812
15. Republic of Korea 213.744
16. Switzerland 213.494

This afternoon, around 17h30 Belgium time, the Men's team will try to earn a spot for the Test Event as well. Follow @belgiangym on Twitter for quick hits!

A massive thank you to Full Time Gymnastics for the pictures!


  1. thank you for writing a recap. With many awesome new seniors next year, Belgium has a chance to qualify a full team. But they cant afford silly avoidable falls, since they'll be up against some powerhouse countries like Brazil and Romania. Their bars should see the greatest improvement tho.


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