samedi 24 octobre 2015

Worlds 2015: review of the Men's podium training!

Wednesday, our Men's National Team had the opportunity to train on the competition apparatuses. What happened? Find out here !

Credit: Florence Lestienne

Our boys started on still rings. First up was Bram Louwije (Turnkring Vlamertinge). A few hesitations here and there but a good exercice overall. Jimmy Verbaeys (Blauwput Omnisport) also had a good routine, with just a step on his landing. Maxime Gentges (Gym Club Malmédy) and Jonathan Vrolix (Olympia Houthalen) both fell on their dismounts, a double piked salto for Maxime and a double layout for Jonathan. Our boys could go on the apparatus a second time, just the time for them to make some adjustments. 

On vault, no real problems, except for Florian Landuyt (Sportac Deinze), but he made a good vault on his second round. 

Next were the parallel bars, where Jimmy Verbaeys impressed with a difficult routine. A few adjustments for Bram and Jonathan, who didn't dismounted. Maxime hit his ffet on the bars on one of his elements but stuck his double piked dismount. Florian still struggled but nothing that he can't fix by the time the competition begins. 

On the horizontal bar, our gymnasts have shown the extent of their talent, including a very beautiful Kovacs from Maxime and a sky high Tkachev from Jimmy. Bram and Jonathan performed well, while Florian struggled on his dismount.

On floor, the best performance in my opinion, came from Siemon Volkaert (GymMax). He was very strong, performing tumbling passes after tumbling passes. Florian also had a very good routine with stuck landings, while Maxime performed very well. A fall for Bram and a small error for Jimmy but the rest was very good.

The pommel horse is for many the most difficult apparatus, as is the beam on the girls' side. And it is precisely here that the men's team finished its training. No problems for Maxime, Florian and Siemon. Jimmy struggled a bit on his dismount, while Bram fell once and Donna-Donny Truyens (Blauwput Omnisport), the alternate, fell twice.

Overall, there is room for improvement, but as the boys said themselves, it was only podium training!

Our boys will compete on Sunday around 17:30, Belgium time!

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