2015 Worlds: review of WAG's podium training

The Belgian women's team complete its podium training this Tuesday. This training was a good opportunity for our gymnasts to repeat their routines on the apparatuses they will compete on in qualifications. Let's see what happened!

Credit: Florence Lestienne

Our gymnasts started on floor exercise. Laura Waem (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas) was up first for the Belgian team. Recently injured, Laura made ​​a very good comeback at the Novara Cup in Italy. In Glasgow, she again delivered a good performance on floor. Cindy Vandenhole (Vaste Vuist Lauwe), Gaelle Mys (OTV Nazareth) and Lisa Verschueren (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas) were very strong, especially on their landings. But it's Rune Hermans (Gym Haacht) who impressed me the most. The alternate Dorien Motten (Turnkringe Bilzen) also presented her routine. She took some time off to focus on her studies but she looked very fit. Julie Croket (GymMax), who recently injured her ankle, will only perform on beam.

On vault, no surprise. LauraRuneCindyGaelle and Lisa presented a full twisting yurchenko. Dorien did a front handspring piked somersault. She had some troubles with her landings. 

The uneven bars are not Gaelle's strongest event, but she has been really consistant and always present a good routine for the team. Lisa missed a couple of handstands but the rest was very good, while Laura had some problems with her full turns. Rune and Cindy, who got the best scores in Mouscron for Team Belgium on this event, have once again delivered very good routines.

Our gymnasts finished on beam, an apparatus that has been an issue lately. It still is, except for Gaelle, very solid once again, Rune and Laura. Unfortunately, Lisa fell twice and Cindy once. Julie struggled a bit wih one of her acrobatic series. Remember this was just podium training and that our gymnasts still have time to adjust. To finish on beam is never easy, but I'm sure the girls will be just fine in qualifications!

The qualification session for our girls will take place on Saturday around 12:30, Belgium time! I'll try to give you as much updates as I can, especially on Twitter (@belgiangym).


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