lundi 4 avril 2016

Belgium wins gold at the friendly meet!

This weekend, Mouscron hosted a prestigious friendly meet that gathered teams from Belgium, Romania and Germany. This meet served as a final test before the Olympic Test Event, that will be held in Rio in two weeks!

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Although it was a friendly competition, this meet was also a good way to analyze what the competitors could do, as Romania and Germany will be direct opponents at the Test Event. This was a great opportunity for our gymnasts to compete against these teams. With a total of 222.900, Belgium won gold ahead of Romania (219.200) and Germany (215.250).

The Belgians started on vault, where they all performed the same vault, a  full twisting Yurchenko. Axelle Klinckaert got the highest score of the team (14.300), followed by Cindy Vandenhole (14.100) and Gaelle Mys (13.900). On Uneven bars, Senna Deriks continues to shine and gets the best score for Belgium (14.600). Laura Waem also presented a difficult routine that she mastered from the beginning to the end (14.100). Cindy Vandenhole got 13.250. If she didn't fall, she had ​​some form breaks. Axelle Klinckaert (13.950) and Rune Hermans (13.900) did their job, while Gaelle Mys presented a new double layout dismount (13.300).

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
On balance beam, Senna Deriks (11.300) and Rune Hermans (13.250) both fell, but three gymnasts got scores above 14: Axelle Klinckaert (14.400, highest Belgian score), Laura Waem (14.300) and Gaelle Mys (14.200). Cindy got 13.700.

Our gymnasts finished on floor exercise where they again showed their exressiveness. Axelle Klinckaert had some mistakes on her landings but still got 13.850. Cindy Vandenhole (12.700) also had some issues on her landings. Gaelle Mys received the score of 13.800 and Laura got 13.400.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Julie Croket and Julie Meyers were competing as individuals. Julie Croket went out of bounds twice on floor but she's on her way back! She got 13.000 on floor, 14.050 on vault, 13.550 on bars and 13.350 on beam. Julie Meyers had mistakes on bars (11.900) but got great scores on the other events: 13.800 (vault), 13.900 (beam) and 12.800 (floor).

Romania placed 2nd as a team. They started on bars, an event they had trouble with in the past. Maria Holbura got the highest score of the team (13.100), Diana Bulimar got 12.550 after a fall, and Andreea Iridon (12.950) and Dora Vulcan (12.750) got the 2nd and 3rd scores of the team.

They came back strong on beam where Diana Bulimar got the highest score (14.400) ahead of Catalina Ponor (14.300) and Andreea Iridon (14.200). Bulimar then shone on floor exercise where she got the highest score of the competition on this event (14.100). Ponor performed a new floor routine and got 13.800.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Germany placed 3rd (215.225). Pauline Tratz was the best German and got 14.050 on vault and 13.550 on floor. Leah Griesser was the best on bars (13.350) and Maike Enderle shone on beam (13.950). Note that Germany didn't send the team that will travel to Rio for the Test Event. Pauline Schaefer and Sophie Scheder were in Cottbus for the World Challenge Cup, Tabea Alt is still recovering from a knee injury and Elisabeth Seitz was resting.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Another amazing result to point out is Spain's Ana Perez Campos. She placed 5th in the all-around and got 14.150 on beam and 13.700 on vault and bars.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
1. Belgium 222.900
2. Romania 219.200
3. Germany 215.250

In the all-around, Axelle Klinckaert won gold ahead of Laura Waem and Diana Bulimar. Gaelle Mys got 55+ and is 4th. Julie Croket comes back strong and placed 6th.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
1. Axelle Klinckaert (BEL) 56.500
2. Laura Waem (BEL) 55.600
3. Diana Bulimar (ROU) 55.400
4. Gaelle Mys (BEL) 55.200
5. Ana Perez Campos (ESP) 54.350
6. Julie Croket (BEL) 53.950
9. Cindy Vandenhole (BEL) 53.750
13. Senna Deriks (BEL) 52.700
14. Julie Meyers (BEL) 52.400
19. Rune Hermans (BEL) 41.000 (3 agrès)

This result is very encouraging for the Belgian team, two weeks away from the Test Event, especially as the team total can be improved. The definitive team for the Test Event will be known Wednesday or Thursday and the gymnasts will leave for Rio on Friday. On Wednesday, Nina Derwael, who got injured, will have an x-ray. She will make the trip to Rio no matter what.

All-around results here
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