lundi 4 avril 2016

Romanian Juniors shone against Belgium in Mouscron

Our uionrs gymnasts are preparing for the European Championships that will be held in Bern (Switzerland) in June. This Sunday, Belgium received Romania in a friendly competition.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Romania won the team title, 164.350 to 153.500. Romanians were impressive and had few or no mistakes. They were in 1st place from the beginning. They started on vault, where Denisa Golgota got the highest score, a 15.000, for a clean double twisting Yurchenko. Belgium started on bars. Manon Muller and Alysha Senders both fell, Myrthe Potoms got the best score for Belgium (12.850), followed by Maellyse Brassart (11.750) and Chloé Leblicq (11.400). 

On beam, Maellyse Brassart (13.500) and Myrthe Potoms (13.400) delivered solid performances. Alysha Senders got 12.500 and Chloé Leblicq 11.750. Romania's Carmen Ghiciuc got the highest score on bars for her team (13.450).

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Manon Muller and Alysha Senders got the highest scores ont floor for team Belgium (12.950 and 12.900 respectively), followed by Chloé Leblicq (11.400). Maellyse Brassart unfortunately fell twice, fall for Myrthe Potoms too. Romania continues to shine on beam where two gymnasts got a score of 14 or higher: Ioana Crisan (14.000) and Alisia Botnaru (14.150). 

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Belgium finished on vault and Romania was on floor. Myrthe Potoms got once again the best score for Belgium (13.900), followed by Maellyse Brassart (13.850) and Chloé Leblicq (13.750). On floor, Olivia CimpeanIoana Crisan and Alisia Botnaru all got 13.400. 

Belgians Britt Vanneste and Rinke Santy competed as individuals. Rinke ranked 7th and Britt was 11th in the all-around.

Romania won the team gold. In the all-around, the podium was also 100% Romanian.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
1. Romania 164.350
2. Belgium 153.500

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
1. Carmen Ghiciuc (ROU) 54.400
2. Alisia Botnaru (ROU) 54.250
3. Ioana Crisan (ROU) 54.150
6. Myrthe Potoms (BEL) 50.750
7. Rinke Santy (BEL) 50.550
8. Maellyse Brassart (BEL) 49.850
9. Chloé Leblicq (BEL) 49.300
10. Alysha Senders (BEL) 48.800
11. Britt Vanneste (BEL) 48.750
12. Manon Muller (BEL) 48.350

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Team results here
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