samedi 24 juillet 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Team Belgym is ready to shine

Nina Derwael, Maellyse Brassart, Lisa Vaelen and Jutta Verkest are ready to shine in the Ariake gymnastics centre!

                                            Credit: Maellyse Brs facebook

The main goal for the team is a top 8 finish and a qualification for the Team Final. All 4 gymnasts will have to perform at the top of their abilities to obtain that goal but it's not impossible. They will compete in the last subdivision alongside the team of Germany and 2 mixed groups. In Rio 2016 they competed in the first subdivision. Team Belgium will start the competition on floor at 13:20 Belgian time and will be live on Sporza and Tipik (RTBF). 

The girls will also try to qualify for the All-around final that gathers the 24 best gymnasts with a maximum of 2 per country. All 4 Belgian gymnasts can qualify for the final. All will depend on their performance during the qualifications.

Off course all eyes will be on Nina Derwael on uneven bars. As the reigning World Champion, she's one of the favourites for the gold medal. She nevertheless still has to qualify for the final. Normally that shouldn't be a problem. Nina is confident and ready to deliver. She's also seen as a possible qualifier for the balance beam final.


July 25 2021 - Qualifications women

3h-4h40 : Subdivision 1 - Italy , mixed group 3, Japan et mixed group 6 - Live on La Une (RTBF)

4h55-6h35 : Subdivision 2 - China, Great Britain, mixed group 7 and Russia - Live on La Une (RTBF)

8h10-9h50 : Subdivision 3 - mixed group 8, the Netherlands, mixed group 1 and USA - Live on Tipik (RTBF) and Sporza Livestream 2

10h05-11h45 : Subdivision 4 - Canada, mixed group 4, France and Spain - Live on Tipik and Sporza Livestream 2

13h20-15h : Subdivision 5 - mixed group 5, Germany, mixed group 2 and Belgium - Live on Tipik and Sporza (Eén)

July 26 2021 - Team final men 

12h-14h45 : Final

14h45-15h : Medal ceremony

July 27 2021 - Team final women 

12h45-14h45 : Final - Live on Tipik

14h45-15h : Medal Ceremony

July 28 2021 : All-around final men 

12h15-14h50 : Final - Live on Tipik

14h50-15h : Medal Ceremony

July 29 2021 - All-around final women 

12h50-14h50 : Final Live on Tipik

14h50-15h : Medal Ceremony

August 1 2021 - Apparatus finals Live on Tipik

10h-10h35 : Floor final men

10h35-10h45 : Medal Ceremony

10h45-11h20 : Vault final women

11h20-11h30 : Medal Ceremony

11h30-12h05 : Final pommel horse

12h05-12h15 : Medal Ceremony

12h15-12h50 : Final uneven bars

12h50-13h : Medal Ceremony

August 2 2021 - Apparatus finals Live on Tipik

10h-10h35 : Final still rings

10h35-10h45 : Medal Ceremony

10h45-11h20 : Floor final women

11h20-11h30 : Medal Ceremony

11h30-12h05 : Vault final men

12h05-12h15 : Medal Ceremony

August 3 2021 - Apparatus finals Live on Tipik

10h-10h35 : Final parallel bars

10h35-10h45 : Medal Ceremony

10h45-11h20 : Beam final

11h20-11h30 : Medal Ceremony

11h30-12h05 : High bar final

12h05-12h15 : Medal Ceremony

You can also follow the livescores here.

 Are you ready to support Team Belgium?!

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