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2016 Euros: 4 finals for our gymnasts in Bern!

Both our Juniors and Seniors were competing in Bern this week. There were good and less good things. But together, they qualified for 4 finals!

Credit: FfG
On Wednesday night, our Juniors were in action in the last subdivision of the day. Rinke Santy (Sportiva Sint-Gillis-Waas), Maellyse Brassart (Gym Phenix), Myrthe Potoms (GymFlex), Manon Muller (Gymplus) and Alysha Senders (Sta Paraat Hasselt-P.H.H. Hasselt) started on beam. Manon got the highest score (13.233) for a solid routine with a back handspring layout step out, a wolf turn and a double twist dismount. Maellyse Brassart was not far behind (13.166). She presented a switch leap with half turn, a free cartwheel and a double back tuck dismount. Unfortunately, Myrthe fell on her acro series and only scored 11.933 while Rinke seemed a bit nervous and had to count some wobbles (12.533).

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics
On floor, Alysha Senders presented a dynamic and expressive routine to score 12.600. Myrthe and Rinke brought the best scores to the team with 12.933. Myrthe showed a double twist and a double tuck, Rinke presented one and a half twist to a front piked somersault. Finally, Maellyse got 12.766 for a routine that included a double pike and a great round off one and a half twist to round off double twist.

Manon had a tough vault rotation. She went up first for Team Belgium. It looked like her hand had slipped on the table and she unfortunately landed on her butt first. She received a zero for that vault. But then, Maellyse, Rinke and Myrthe all presented clean full twisting Yurchenkos and Manon's score didn't count to the team total.

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics
The Juniors finished their competition on bars, an event that caused them troubles in the past. But not on Wednesday. Manon managed to stay focused after her bad vault and scored 12.633. The highest score of the day on bars for Team Belgium came from Rinke Santy, with 13.266.

With a team total of 157.628, the Juniors placed 8th and reached their target. 

Credit: Full Time Gymnastics
Team final standings
1. Russia 168.179
2. Great Britain 163.912
3. Romania 163.678
8. Belgium 157.628

In addition to this great team result, Rinke Santy (52.298) and Maellyse Brassart (52.264) both qualified for the all-around final on Friday.

On Thursday night, things could have gone better for the Seniors, even though they also showed great performances. Unfortunately, they didn't qualified for the Team Final. But Gaelle Mys, on the other hand, qualified for two individual finals, on balance beam and floor exercise.

This team was composed with Gaelle Mys (OTV Nazareth), Cindy Vandenhole (Vaste Vuist Lauwe), Nina Derwael (Sta Paraat Hasselt-P.H.H. Hasselt) and Julie Meyers (Sta Paraat Hasselt-P.H.H. Hasselt). Gaelle is a considered a veteran and has been around for a long time now. Those European Championships were the first for Cindy Vandenhole, Nina Derwael and Julie Meyers as Seniors. 

They  started on beam. Nina Derwael, who's coming back from injury, was first up with a beautiful acro serie, a back handspring to two layout step out, a free cartwheel and a Gainor full dismount (13.933). In the past, Julie had some consistency issues on beam. Today was no different as she unfortunately fell on her side somersault. This competition must help her to gain confidence and she has to believe in herself. Her routine is lovely, including a double wolf turn, a backhandspring to a layout step out to another backhandspring. Gaelle brought the highest score on beam for Team Belgium with a great 14.133. She showed a Onodi, a sissone to a free walkover and great leaps, enough to place her in 8th position and reach the final. 

Credit: FfG
On floor, Julie presented a two and a half twist, a double pike and a double tuck for 13.166, while Cindy got 13.033 with her routine. I was really excited about Gaelle's performance as she showed upgrades during podium training : a double Arabian. It wasn't really on point though, and she played it safe today, coming back to her old routine with a front handspring double twist to a front tuck, a double pike and a double tuck (13.800). She was right to do so, as she qualified for her second event final!

Vault is a safe event for our Seniors. They all performed clean full twisting Yurchenkos. Gaelle once again got the highest score (13.933) closely followed by Julie (13.900).

With one event to go, our Belgian team was still holding on to the 8th place, synonymous of a team final. Julie went first and did a pretty good job, scoring 13.200 for her nice Tkatchev and dismount. Cindy started really well but then was to close to the bars on her pak salto and had to stop on the event, a costly mistake. Her jeager looked clean and she just had a step on her front double tuck dismount (13.066). Nina Derwael was hoping to make it to the bars final, and she had a great shot at it. But an early fall in her routine costed her that qualifying spot. With 13.300, she was too far behind the top contenders.

Credit: FfG
Team qualifications
1. Great Britain 173.363
2. Russia 173.261
3. Switzerland 166.128
9. Belgium 161.930

Balance beam qualifications
1. Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 14.733
2. Angelina Melnikova (RUS) 14.500
3. Catalina Ponor (ROU) 14.433
4. Marine Brevet (FRA) 14.366
5. Rebecca Downie (GBR) 14.333
6. Ilaria Kaeslin (SUI) 14.266
7. Marine Boyer (FRA) 14.200
8. Gaelle Mys (BEL) 14.133
Nina Derwael is 2nd reserve

Floor exercise qualifications
1. Claudia Fragapane (GBR) 15.000
2. Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 14.966
3. Catalina Ponor (ROU) 14.566
4. Elissa Downie (GBR) 14.266
5. Mara Titarsolej (NED) 14.166
6. Amelie Föllinger (GER) 13.866
7. Marine Brevet (FRA) 13.800
8. Gaelle Mys (BEL) 13.800

Tomorrow, Rinke Santy and Maellyse Brassart will compete in the all-around final. Good luck to them!

Videos here
Full results here

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