International Gymnix 2018: Promising work from our juniors.

The last few days Montreal hosted the International Gymnix, a competition that combines an international competition for both juniors and seniors, the Gymnix Challenge, and a international team competition for juniors, the Junior International Team Cup. 

Credit: International Gymnix
Belgium was represented by Stacy BertrandtMargaux DavelooseNoemie Louon and Julie Vandamme in the Junior Team Cup. Cassia Priels competed for Gymnos Charleroi in the Gymnix Challenge. The Juniors team placed 5th and the gymnasts qualified for 5 apparatus finals.

Team Belgium started this 4-4-3 competition (each team consists of 4 gymnasts, all compete, the 3 best scores are taken into account for the team total) on floor. Stacy Bertrandt was first up and showed a clean and solid exercise, including a double pike, a front layout with full twist and a double twist (12.367). Julie Vandamme and Noémie Louon both showed intricate combinations of backwards and forward twists, in addition to their double pike. Noémie especially showed beautiful lines and extension on her leaps. They both scored 12.434. Last up was Margaux Daveloose who delivered a solid performance including a double pike, 2 1/2 twist, a double wolf turn, a switch ring leap and an front layout with full twist. She got the highest score for Team Belgium with a great 13.267, a score that qualified her for the FX final on sunday.

On vault, the Belgian team often chooses the safe option. Margaux, Noémie and Stacy all showed a layout Yurchenko. Julie Vandamme added a full turn to hers and scored 13.434.

On uneven bars, the Belgians showed clean lines. Noémie did a sky high Jaeger and a double pike dismount (12.834). Stacy performed clean turns, a great Shaposhnikova, a bail and a Jaeger (12.667). Margaux received 12.500 for her exercise with a stalder with full turn, a Jaeger and a double front dismount. Julie had a clean exercise with a nice Shaposhnikova, a stalder with full turn and a double front dismount. Unfortunately, her hands slipped of the bars on her Tkatchev (11.267).

The final event for the 4 Belgian girls from Turnkring Varsenaere, near Bruges, was beam. Stacy and Margaux both mounted the beam with a steady roundoff back handspring. Margaux was also very solid on her back handspring layout and her wolf turn. Julie had a bit of a hard time on beam. She mounted with a nice front tuck and showed a nice backhandspring to layout and a double tuck dismount, but unfortunately fell on her free walkover.

Credit: Gymnix International
The team finished 5th, behind Italy, Russia, Canada 1 and Japan. Individually the competition was won by home gymnast Zoé Allaire-Bourgie. Italian Asia  D'Amato was second and Russian Viktoriia Listunova third. The Belgian girls all ended in the top 20. Margaux was the first Belgian with a nice 9th place.

Cassia Priels, another Belgian junior who's in the running for the European junior championships team, competed in the Gymnix Challenge and finished 36th in a mixed field of juniors and seniors. She performed well and posted her highest score on floor. She received 12.334 for her exercise that included a 2 1/2 twist, a double tuck and a front layout with full twist. On vault she did a layout Yurchenko and she showed a nice Shaposhnikova and a Jaeger on uneven bars. Unfortunately, she fell on beam on her front tuck but she showed a nice combination of two side aerials and a side somersault. She dismounted with a front layout with a full twist. The Gymnix Challenge was won by Canadian Olympian Isabela Onyshko before teammate Victoria Woo and Irina Alexeeva from WOGA.


Event finals took place on Sunday. On Uneven bars, Stacy Bertrandt unfortunately fell on her giant to full tuen but showed great lines, as she performed a Jaeger and a double piked dismount (11.700). Noémie Louon also performed a great Jaeger et a double piked dismount to score (12.100). Stacy placed 7th while Noémie was 5th.. 

On beam, Noémie and Margaux Daveloose impressed with their routines. Noémie mounted the beam with a roundoff backhandspring. She also performed a backhandspring layout step out, a free walkover, a side somersault and a full twist dismount (12.500). Margaux showed great execution on her free walkover to Korbut and a double twist dismount (12.900). With this result, Margaux placed just outside the medal positions to take the 4th place. Noémie ranked 5th. 

Margaux also performed in the floor final. She showed a double pike, a two and a half twist and a front twist to score 12.700. Dhe placed 7th.

Find all the results by clicking here.


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