EC 2018: Promising results from the juniors!

On the final day of these European Championships in Glasgow, the men's apparatus finals were scheduled. 

The juniors competed in the morning session. Liam De Smet opened the games for Team Belgium. He showed a good routine with only a small hesitation on his last handstand and a small step on his dismount. He finished 6th with a score of 13.100. Rusian Grigorii Klimentev won the gold, ahead of his teammate Viktor Kaliuzhin and Jamie Lewis from Great-Britain.

Justin Pesesse was the second Belgian junior in competition. He disputed the vault final. Het got 14.100 for a good Tsukahara with double twist and 14.133 for his handspring double front. He also finished 6th with an average score of 14.116. The European title was won by Sviataslau Dranitski from Belarus. Jake Jarman (GBR) won the silver and Italian Ares Federici the bronze.

Credit: FFG
Mattis Bouchet ended 5th on high bar with a score of 12.933. He went clean but his difficulty level was not high enough for a spot on the podium. Italian all-around champion Nicolo Mozzato took the title. The silver went to Hungary with Kristzian Balazs and bronze to Germany's Daniel Woerz.

In the afternoon, the seniors took the stage. The Belgian Lord of the Rings Dennis Goossens secured a spot in the final. He showed a clean routine but could not avoid the fall on his dismount. He ended the final in 7th with a score of 13.700. Eleftherios Petrounias won his 4th European title. The podium was completed by Turkey's  Ibrahim Colak and Great Britain's Courtney Tulloch.

Noah Kuavita competed in the high bar final. He showed some great release moves but wrongly catched one of them and had to take a costly pause. Noah finished 8th. Flying Dutch doctor Epke Zonderland made a little mistake too and finished second. Oliver Hegi from Switzerland won the gold and David Vecsernyes from Hungary the bronze.

Credit: FFG
Results still rings final Seniors:
1. Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) 15.466
2. Ibrahim Colak (TUR) 15.100
3. Courtney Tulloch (GBR) 15.000
4. Nikita Nagornyy (RUS) 14.633
5. Vahagn Davtyan (ARM) 14.566
6. Marcel Nguyen (GER) 14.066
7. Dennis Goossens (BEL) 13.700
8. Andrei Vasilei Muntean (ROU) 11.366

Results horizontal bar final Seniors:
1. Oliver Hegi (SUI) 14.700
2. Epke Zonderland (NED) 14.400
3. David Vecsernyes (HUN) 14.033
4. Taha Serhani (SUI) 14.033
5. James Hall (GBR) 14.033
6. Joe Fraser (GBR) 13.766
7. Umit Samiloglu (TUR) 13.733
8. Noah Kuavita (BEL) 12.266

Results still rings final Juniors:
1. Grigorii Klimentev (RUS) 14.300
2. Viktor Kaliuzhin (RUS) 13.866
3. Jamie Lewis (GBR) 13.700
4. Roman Vashcenko (UKR) 13.633
5. Rafael Szabo (ROE) 13.433
6. Liam De Smet (BEL) 13.100
7. Javidan Babayev (AZE) 12.133
* Andrin Frey (SUI) didn't compete

Results vault final Juniors:
1. Sviataslau Dranitski (BLR) 14.333
2. Jake Jarman (GBR) 14.300
3. Ares Federici (ITA) 14.300
4. Ondrej Kalny (CZE) 14.199
5. Donell Osbourne (GBR) 14.150
6. Justin Pesesse (BEL) 14.116
7. Daniel Ponizil (CZE) 13.666
* Andrin Frey (SUI) didn't compete

Results horizontal bar final Juniors:
1. Nicolo Mozzato (ITA) 13.633
2. Krisztian Balazs (HUN) 13.300
3. Daniel Woerz (GER) 13.066
4. Iurii Busse (RUS) 12.966
5. Mattis Bouchet (BEL) 12.933
6. Dominic Tamsel (SUI) 12.800
7. Donell Osbourne (GBR) 11.833
8. Sergei Naidin (RUS) 11.166

Find the complete results here.


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