2021 Euros: All-around final for Luka Van den Keybus

This Thursday, it was the men's turn to compete in the qualification round. Luka Van den Keybus qualified for the all-around final. 

Maxime Gentges, Florian Landuyt, Noah Kuavita, Takumi Onoshima and Luka Van den Keybus defended the Belgian colours. 

Maxime and Florian competed in the second subdivision. Maxime did all 6 events, while Florian competed on everything but high bar and still rings. They started their competition on pommel horse. Maxime fell and scored 12.766 while Florian scored 12.100. Maxime performed well on still rings and dismounted with a double front. The judges rewarded him with a 12.800. On vault Maxime fell on his front handspring with one and a half twist (12.233). Florian performed his Kasamatsu with one and a half twist well and scored  13.966.

Maxime was solid on parallel bars and dismounted with a double pike (13.100). Florian  made a little mistake but scored 13.766. Maxime impressed on high bar with a routine including a Kolman, Kovacs et Piatti-releases and a double layout with a full twist as a dismount (13.333).

On floor Maxime started well but unfortunately fell on his double arabian. He scored 12.500. Florian scored 13.333 for a routine that included a front double pike and a front double tuck, as well as a triple twist. 

Takumi, Luka and Noah took the floor in the third subdivision. Takumi competed on floor and pommel horse, Noah on high bar and Luka competed in the all-around. 

Luka started his competition well on still rings with a score of 13.233. He then moved on to vault where he received 13.866 for his Yurchenko with double twist. On parallel bars he did even better with a 14.000. He kept it together on high bar and scored 13.100. Noah hoped to qualify for the event final on high bar but fell twice. He scored 11.833.

Luka was solid on floor and showed nice tripple twist for a score of 13.800. Takumi  showed impressive work with a double twist followed by a full twist, a front double piked and a triple twist to finish. With 14.100, he misses the final for 0.2. He also got a 13.166 on pommel horse.  Luka made some errors on pommels but stayed on. He adds 11.800 to his total. 

Luka got an all-around total of 79.799 and qualifies in 19th place for the all-around final. Maxime was 41st with a total of 76.732.

The Russian men dominated the qualifications. Nikita Nagornyy was first with 87.097, his teammates David Belyavskiy and Aleksandr Kartsev were second and third. 

Kartsev qualified an extra spot for Russia to the Tokyo Olympic Games. Turkey's Adem Asil took the second qualifying spot. 

You can find the full results here.

Friday will be the first day of finals. The women's all-around final starts at 13:30 and the men's final at 17:00. 


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