2017 European Championships: top 20 for Maxime and Daan !

This Friday, Maxime Gentges and Daan Kenis both competed in the all-around final. The Belgians had a good competition overall, with great things and room for improvement. They placed in the top 20!

Credit: Mathias Hikketik
They started on vault. Maxime Gentges had to wait for at least 10 minutes before going because of a technical issue with the scoreboard. Not an ideal way to start a competition... He did a front handspring double somersault and sat it. He got 12.866. Daan Kenis performed a Yurchenko two and a half twist. He got 14.300. On parallel bars, both Maxime and Daan got a bit off balance on one of their elements but managed to save it. It were clean routines otherwise. Maxime got 12.900 and Daan received 13.533.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
On high bar, Maxime and Daan stayed on the apparatus, had great releases but had bent arms at some point which is a costly deduction. Daan got 12.500 and Maxime got 12.700. Great routine from Daan on floor, with lots of difficulty. Just a couple mistakes on the landings. He scored 13.533. Maxime was super clean, paying attention to details and landings. He scored 13.600.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
On pommel horse, Daan started off well, but then, his legs touched the pommels and he got off. He finished strong, scoring 12.466. Maxime had a leg separation but was clean otherwise (13.200). Finishing on rings, both Belgians had good routines. Maxime almost stuck his double piked dismount (13.200). Daan finished strong too.

With a total score of 79.232, Daan Kenis is 16th, while Maxime Gentges placed 19th with 78.499.

Results here


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