2017 European Championships: Two individual finals for Nina Derwael

Today, Nina Derwael and Julie Meyers competed in qualifications in Cluj. Nina Derwael qualified for two individual finals!

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
They started on floor exercise, an event on which our gymnasts always show a lot of expressivness. Julie Meyers was first to go and started off well, performing a double tuck, a two and a half twist and a fronthandspring to full twist (11.833). Nina slipped on her first pass, a two and a half twist, and had to put her knee down. She finished strong with a double tuck (12.300).

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
On vault, they both performed a full twisting Yurchenko, with a hop on the landing. Julie scored 13.500, while Nina received 13.466. Moving on to bars, Julie Meyers unfortunately fell on her shaposhnikova with half turn. She then performed a high Tkatchev and a full twisting double back dismount (11.466).

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
As Nina told in her interview to FfG, her main goal was to qualify for the uneven bars final. And she did it with an amazing set! She performed a piked Tkatchev, a Ricna half to Ezhova, a shaposhnikova to pak salto and a full twisting double back dismount to score 14.566. With that score, she qualified for the final in 1st place, tied with Elisabeth Seitz (Germany).

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
On beam, Julie Meyers had a tough time, falling off twice. Her foot slipped on one of her leaps and she then fell on her acro series. She got 8.933. Nina Derwael had a couple of wobbles and missed some connections. She received 12.133.

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
With a total score of 52.465, Nina Derwael qualified for the all-around final in 13th place. Unfortunately, it won't do it for Julie Meyers (45.732).

Nina will compete in the all-around final tomorrow at 4pm (Belgian time) and in the uneven bars final on Saturday at 12:30 (Belgian time).

Credit: An Vanderstraeten
Full results here


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