About me

Hi everyone!

Here we go, I have decided to create my own blog! This is new to me, so please be kind :-)

What can I say ... My name is Florence, I have a Master Degree in Journalism and I currently work for a Belgian media. I am also a big gymnastics fan, sport that will be the main subject of this blog, and more particularly gymnastics in Belgium. 

Why? Because I was once a gymnast too, and although injuries put an end to my "career", I still love this sport, from the bottom of my heart. Why Belgian gymnastics? because it is where I come from and I think we don't talk enough about this demanding sport in our small country. 

I am not a fool, I know my blog won't change that. But why not combine my love for gymnastics and the job I choose to do?

On this blog, I will try to provide you informations about the gymnasts themselves, both men and women. I will also try to write reports of competitions, post pictures and videos.

I hope you will like it.



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