mardi 21 juillet 2015

Gymnast's profile - Rune Hermans

Credit: Florence Lestienne

Date of birth: 09/05/1999 (16)
Club: Gym Haacht - Topsportschool Ghent
Favourite event: uneven bars

Rune Hermans is probably one of the biggest promises of Belgian gymnastics, along with Junior's Nina Derwael, Senna Deriks and Axelle Klinckaert. Rune competed with them at the 2014 European Junior Championships in Sofia. There, she finished in 6th place with the Belgian team and 9th in the all-around final.

She began her career as a Junior in 2011, at the International Gymnova Cup. In 2013, she placed 3rd at Nationals, before participating at the International Gymnix in Canada and the European Youth Olympic Festival in Utrecht.

Credit: UEG/Minkus Images

In 2014, in addition to the European Championships, she returned to Canada for the International Gymnix, where she reached four finals. This year, as a first year Senior, she placed 6th at the Belgian Championship, competing in only two events. At the Flanders International Team Challenge in Ghent, she was the best seniors among the Belgian team (6th) and she won a silver medal with the team.

2015 - Belgian Championships: 6th (two events)
2015 - FIT Challenge (Ghent): 2nd (team), 6th (all-around)
2014 - Belgian Junior Championships: 2nd (all-around)
2014 - European Junior Championships (Sofia): 6th (team), 9th (all-around)
2014 - International Gymnix Canada (Montreal): 6th (all-around), 4th (uneven bars), 8th (balance beam), 5th (floor exercise)
2014 - Elite Gym Massilia (Marseille): 3rd (team), 2nd (all-around), 6th (balance beam), 2nd (floor exercise)
2013 - Elite Gym Massilia (Marseille) : 7th (team), 17th (all-around)
2013 - European Youth Olympic Festival (Utrecht): 8th (team), 20th (all-around)
2013 - International Gymnix Canada (Montreal): 23rd (all-around), 7th (floor exercise)
2013 - Belgian Junior Championships: 3rd (all-around)
2012 - International Gymnova Cup (Keerbergen): 3rd (balance beam)
2011 - International Gymnova Cup (Keerbergen): 2nd (all-around), 3rd (vault), 2nd (uneven bars), 4th (balance beam), 4th (floor exercise)

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