dimanche 9 juin 2019

Nina Derwael wins national title, bronze for both our teams at FIT Challenge

This weekend, Ghent is hosting the 3rd edition of the Flanders International Team Challenge, an event that also serves as the Women's Seniors Belgium Championships. For the second time in a row, Nina Derwael wins the national title. Both our Juniors and Seniors teams win bronze medals.

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics

Nina Derwael got her highest score of the day on the uneven bars. She performed a brand new exercise, that got her a 6.7D score. Despite a fall on beam, she gets an all-around score of 53.898.

Jade Vansteenkiste got the silver medal with 50.765. She got her best results on vault and floor.

Senna Deriks completes the podium with 50.232. It was her first time on all four events since last year's Belgian Championships.

Results Belgian Championships Seniors :
1. Nina Derwael (Sta paraat Hasselt) 53.898
2. Jade Vansteenkiste (Gym Izegem) 50.765
3. Senna Deriks (Gymgroep AS) 50.232
4. Maellyse Brassart (Gym Passion Herseaux) 49.466
5. Julie Vandamme (Turnkring Varsenaere) 48.666

This national competition took place during the qualifications day of the FIT Challenge. Both our Juniors and Seniors teams ended with the bronze medal. 

The Juniors team, composed of Stacy BertrandtKéziah LangendonckNoémie LouonLisa Vaelen and Jutta Verkest got 154.530.  The title was won by Romania with 155.696, ahead of Italy (155.063).

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Individually, the gold medal went to Romania's Ioana Stanciulescu with 52.432. Her teammate Silviana Sfiringu won the silver medal with 52.266. Great Britain's Jessica Gadirova placed 3rd with 52.232.  3 Belgians placed in the top 8Noémie Louon was 5th, Lisa Vaelen 7th and Stacy Bertrandt 8th.

Wine Dierick and Margaux Dandois competed as individuals in order to gain more experience. Margaux got her highest score on beam with a gorgeous routine (13.233).

Maellyse Brassart, Margaux DavelooseSenna DeriksNina Derwael and Jade Vansteenkiste composed the Seniors team. They started with solid vaults. Jade got the highest score of the team with 13. 733.  Nina's uneven bars exercice was obviously the most expected. She scored 14.833. On balance beam, Margaux showcased a beautiful routine to score 12.966. Jade closed the day for Belgium with 13.133 on floor. Despite several falls, the team got the total score of 156.962, good enough for the 3rd place. The Netherlands won the gold medal (159.429). Australia got silver (159.296)

Fien EnghelsDorien Motten and Julie Vandamme competed as individuals during this FIT Challenge. Fien and Dorien competed on two events. Julie  came back on all four events after an injury and scored 48.666.

Naomi Visser won the all-around competition, with 54.533. Nina Derwael got silver (53.898) and Australia's Georgia Godwin placed 3rd (53.265).

The team final will take place this Sunday afternoon. Both Juniors and Seniors will gather to try and win the gold !

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