Takumi Onoshima is the new Belgian Champion !

Last weekend Libramont hosted the 2019 Belgian Championships. Takumi Onoshima won his first Belgian title after an exciting competition. 

Credit: Belgian Gymnastics
Takumi Onoshima, Luka Van den Keybus, Jimmy Verbaeys and Noah Kuavita  really battled for the Belgian crown. Just 0.25 separated the 1st gymnast from the 3rd, while Noah Kuavita was following them very closely. In the end, Onoshima won the competition, after a near-perfect competition.

Results Seniors Men:
1. Takumi Onoshima (Athanor Gym Club) 79.950
2. Luka Van den Keybus (Gymteam Sint-Niklaas) 79.850
3. Jimmy Verbaeys (Blauwput Omnisport) 79.700
4. Noah Kuavita (Silok Deurne) 79.200
5. Daan Kenis (De Eik Lommel) 76.550
6. Yureck Van Eetvelt (TK Kerels Waasmunster) 75.550
7. Justin Pesesse (La Vaillante Tubize) 73.450

On the Juniors side, Victor Martinez won the gold medal with another great performance from him (he also won two internal competitions at the beginning of May). Nicola Cuyle and Bram Vanmullem complete the podium.

Results Juniors Men:
1. Victor Martinez (Gym Club Malmedy) 76.650
2. Nicola Cuyle (Gym Izegem) 74.000
3. Bram Vanmullem (Olympia Houthalen) 71.600
4. Senne Spyckerelle (Vaste Vuist Lauwe) 71.500
5. Wout De Smedt (Gym Club Malmedy) 71.200
6. Robbe Popelier (Gym Izegem) 63.150
7. Maxence Wiseur (Gym Club La Courtoise) 62.750
8. Louis Dutrieux (Kon. Turnkring Rust Roest Brugge) 61.800
9. Valentin Wiseur (Gym Club Malmedy) 59.750

On the women's side, Kéziah Langendock is the new Juniors champion. She won the gold ahead of Noémie Louon and Lisa Vaelen. The Seniors weren't in Libramont. They will battle for the Belgian title during the Flanders International Team Challenge next Saturday.

Results Juniors Women:
1. Kéziah Langendock (Gym Passion Herseaux) 49.632
2. Noémie Louon (Turnclub Varsenare) 49.599
3. Lisa Vaelen (De Gympies) 49.399
4. Jutta Verkest (Gymflex) 49.198
5. Stacy Bertrandt (Turnclub Varsenare) 46.266
6. Margaux Dandois (Oefening Geeft Kracht Duffel) 45.732
7. Wine Dierick (Kon. Turnkring Rust-Roest Brugge) 44.399

Full results here.


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